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Intel SNA Articles & Reviews

Intel Ivy Bridge Acceleration Of UXA vs. SNA   Display Drivers   2012-12-06
Intel SNA Ivy Bridge - September 2012   Display Drivers   2012-09-04
Intel SNA Performance Continues To Be Compelling   Display Drivers   2012-07-28
Intel SNA vs. UXA On Ivy Bridge (July 2012)   Display Drivers   2012-07-25
Intel SNA & Glamor Acceleration On Ivy Bridge   Display Drivers   2012-06-25
Intel Glamor Acceleration Compared To SNA, UXA   Display Drivers   2012-05-17
Intel SNA Architecture Is Constantly Evolving   Display Drivers   2012-01-06
Intel SNA With The 2.17 DDX Driver   Display Drivers   2011-11-29
Intel SNA Acceleration Architecture Continues To Mature   Display Drivers   2011-10-30
Intel SNA With Unity, Unity 2D & GNOME Shell   Display Drivers   2011-09-11

Intel SNA Linux & Open-Source News

OmniOS r151030y Brings Microcode Updates For Intel, Zen Topology Updates For AMD   Operating Systems   2019-10-21
Intel SNA vs. Modesetting GLAMOR - DDX Benchmarks   Intel   2016-05-20
SNA & UXA Intel Benchmarks With X.Org Server 1.16   X.Org   2014-09-17
New Intel GLAMOR Code Is Taking Shape & Running Fast   Intel   2014-07-21
Intel X.Org Gets DRI3+Present, Variable Cursor Sizes, Improved DRI2   Intel   2014-06-10
Nouveau 2D Rendering Is Much Slower Than Intel SNA   Nouveau   2014-05-28
GLAMOR Core Rendering Code Gets Rewritten   X.Org   2014-03-19
Intel SNA Performance Of Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell   Intel   2013-10-13
GLAMOR'ized Radeon Driver Shows Hope Over EXA   Radeon   2013-10-03
Intel 3.0 Linux Driver To Enable SNA, Support XMir   Intel   2013-09-04
Intel Ivy Bridge: UXA vs. SNA - Updated Benchmarks   Intel   2013-05-29
Qt/GTK Speed On Unity/KDE/Xfce/LXDE/GNOME/Razor   Desktop   2013-02-28
SNA Delivers Huge Gains Over UXA For Intel "Gen5"   Intel   2013-02-27
Intel X.Org Driver Gets Hand-Tuning For SSE4, AVX2   Intel   2013-02-26
Chris Wilson Begins With Intel 2.21 X.Org Point Releases   Intel   2013-02-10
Intel SNA Continues To Be Tweaked   Intel   2013-01-24
Ubuntu Decides To Turn On Intel SNA   Ubuntu   2013-01-18
Ubuntu Still Deciding About Intel Acceleration Support   Intel   2013-01-09
Ubuntu's Unity Is Also Painful For 2D Performance   Ubuntu   2012-09-05
GLAMOR 0.5 Delivers Performance Improvements   Intel   2012-08-18
Intel Lands Some Haswell Commits For X.Org Driver   Intel   2012-08-03
Intel X.Org Driver Explodes Thanks To Chris Wilson   Intel   2012-07-21
AMD Using GLAMOR For Open HD 7000 Series 2D   AMD   2012-07-10
Ubuntu 12.10 Looks To Use Intel SNA Acceleration   Intel   2012-06-08
Image Quality: Intel Ivy Bridge vs. Radeon Gallium3D   Intel   2012-04-28
Happy Holidays To Phoronix Readers   Phoronix   2011-12-24
Intel SNA Acceleration Performance On Ironlake   Intel   2011-12-15
Intel's Glamor Architecture Is Becoming Glamorous   Intel   2011-12-13
Intel SNB RC6 On Linux 3.1 Is Both Good & Bad   Intel   2011-10-27