EmScripten is an open-source project for converting any language targeting LLVM (mostly C/C++) into JavaScript code for execution within HTML5 web-browsers.

Additional Information: https://github.com/kripken/emscripten

EmScripten Linux & Open-Source News

Tellusim Core SDK Published With Linux & Vulkan Support Included   Proprietary Software   2023-05-14
Zlib "Next Generation" Preparing Massive Decompression Speed-Up   Free Software   2023-04-28
OpenBLAS 0.3.22 Introduces EmScripten JavaScript, Fixes AMD Zen 4 Handling   Programming   2023-03-28
LibreOffice Sees New Activity For Compiling To WebAssembly   LibreOffice   2022-01-19
Wasmer 2.0 Released With Significantly Faster Runtime Performance, Quicker Deserialization   Programming   2021-06-16
Wasmer 2.0 WebAssembly Runtime Is Near With Much Faster Performance   Programming   2021-06-04
Windows vs. Linux, 5.13 Kernel, FreeBSD 13, Other May Excitement   Free Software   2021-06-01
LibreOffice Merges Initial Support For Compiling To WebAssembly   LibreOffice   2021-05-06
QML Online Now Hosted By The KDE Project For Qt/QML On The Web   KDE   2020-06-16
Could JPEG2000 Finally Take Off In 2020? It's A Possibility With High Throughput HTJ2K   Multimedia   2020-02-04
The OGRE Open-Source 3D Graphics Engine Is Working On Vulkan Support   Vulkan   2019-11-07
Meson 0.52 Released With Better Support For Solaris/Illumos   Programming   2019-10-07
GNU's RPG/Adventure Game Updated For SDL2, Defaults To OpenGL Rendering   GNU   2019-02-16
SuperTux 0.6 Released With OpenGL 3.3 & ES 2.0 Support   Linux Gaming   2018-12-23
GNU FreeDink - One Of The Few Fully Free Software Games - Now Runs On The Web   GNU   2018-06-21
Qt Developers Begin Brewing Their WebAssembly Plans   Qt   2018-03-09
OpenLara: Open-Source Engine Remake For Tomb Raider, Including WebGL Version   Linux Gaming   2017-04-24
XRTL: A Google Developer Working On New Real-Time Rendering Library   Google   2017-04-10
Icculus: EmScripten Audio Conversion Performance In The Web Browser   Free Software   2017-01-29
Chrome 49 Enters Beta, Adds MediaRecorder API To Record Audio & Video   Google   2016-02-02
LLVM Continues To Dominate Across Many Operating Systems, Software Projects   LLVM   2016-02-01
SDL 2.0.4 Was Quietly Released Last Week With Wayland & Mir By Default   Linux Gaming   2016-01-09
Work Continues On WebAssembly For Low-Level, In-Browser Computing   Mozilla   2015-12-17
Many Changes Coming To The Next Version Of SDL2, Wayland/Mir By Default   Free Software   2015-10-22
LibreOffice Being Ported To The Web Browser Via EmScripten   LibreOffice   2015-10-05
EmScripten Merges Its Speedy "Fastcomp" Backend   Programming   2014-04-21
SIMD JavaScript Support Added To Firefox, Under Review For Chrome   Intel   2014-03-30
Mozilla Working To Port Unity Game Engine For The Web   Mozilla   2014-03-18
Duetto C++ Web Compiler Supports Async RPC, New Headers   Programming   2014-03-17
Some PNaCl LLVM Patches Might Make Writing LLVM Back-Ends Easier   LLVM   2014-03-05
Richard Stallman Calls LLVM A "Terrible Setback"   LLVM   2014-01-24
Clutter's Cogl Relicensed To Be More Permissive   GNOME   2014-01-15
Duetto C++ JavaScript Compiler Gets Better   Programming   2014-01-11
Firefox Developers Continue Tuning ASM.js Performance   Mozilla   2013-12-22
Duetto C++ Compiler For The Web Is Now Released   Programming   2013-10-31
Duetto Clang C++ For The HTML5 Web Is Now In Beta   LLVM   2013-10-02
Duetto Project Continues For Web-Based C++ Support   Programming   2013-07-17
GNOME 3.10 Gets Photos App, Clutter On Wayland   Google   2013-07-12
Firefox 22 Beta Enables WebRTC Support   Mozilla   2013-05-17
Unigine Adds In Support For Oculus Rift & WebGL   Linux Gaming   2013-05-01
Mozilla Brings Unreal Engine 3 To Firefox   Mozilla   2013-03-28
Unigine Demo Ported To Web Browser With Emscripten   Linux Gaming   2013-02-20
Emscripten-Qt: Bringing Qt, C++ To The Web   Programming   2013-01-14
You Can Now Run LLVM Assembly In Your Web-Browser   LLVM   2013-01-03
Automatic GPGPU Code Generation For LLVM   LLVM   2012-04-03
A New OpenCL Back-End For LLVM Is Published   LLVM   2012-03-07
Turning Mesa Into JavaScript For The Web?   Mesa   2012-03-06
NVIDIA's LLVM CUDA Compiler: Open-Source, 10% Faster   NVIDIA   2012-01-26
Emscripten: Bang Out JavaScript From LLVM Bitcode   LLVM   2011-12-20