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BFloat16 Linux & Open-Source News

Updated Intel oneAPI Level Zero Loader Brings Support For The L0 v1.5 Spec   Intel   2023-01-20
GCC & LLVM Ready With x86 __bf16 Type Support   Programming   2022-08-18
OpenBLAS 0.3.21 Brings Support For Newer Arm CPUs, More Optimizations   Programming   2022-08-08
Amazon Announces C7g AWS Instances Coming Powered By Graviton3   Hardware   2021-11-30
QEMU 6.1 Released With RISC-V Improvements, AMD Emulation Fixes   Virtualization   2021-08-24
LLVM Clang 14 Begins Landing Intel AVX-512 FP16 Support   LLVM   2021-08-16
QEMU 6.1 Is On The Way For The Open-Source Linux Virtualization Stack   Virtualization   2021-07-22
Intel Posts Big Set of Patches For AVX-512 FP16 Compiler Support For Sapphire Rapids   Intel   2021-07-01
Intel AMX Support Continues Being Prepped For The Linux Kernel   Intel   2021-05-24
Arm Outlines More Neoverse N2 + Neoverse V1 Platform Details   Arm   2021-04-27
OpenBLAS 0.3.14 Released With Performance Improvements For AMD Ryzen, POWER10   Programming   2021-03-18
Intel's oneDNN 2.1 Released With NVIDIA GPU Support, Initial Alder Lake Optimizations   Intel   2021-02-16
Intel Sends Out Latest AMX Support For The Linux Kernel   Intel   2020-12-28
Radeon ROCm 4.0 Released With CDNA GPU Support (Instinct MI100)   Radeon   2020-12-18
OpenBLAS 0.3.13 Released With A RISC-V Port, POWER10 Optimizations   Programming   2020-12-12
Intel AMX Programming Model Lands In LLVM Compiler   Intel   2020-12-10
IBM Details 7nm POWER10 CPUs But Not Shipping Until H2'2021   Hardware   2020-08-17
Intel Brings IBM POWER CPU Support To Their Deep Neural Network Library   Intel   2020-07-31
Intel oneDNN 2.0 Deep Neural Network Library Working On More Performance Tuning   Intel   2020-07-03
Intel AMX Support Begins Landing In LLVM   Intel   2020-07-02
Intel Begins Volleying Open-Source Patches Around Intel AMX   Intel   2020-06-27
OpenBLAS 0.3.10 Released With Initial BFloat16 Support, x86_64 Optimizations   Programming   2020-06-15
BFloat16 Support About To Land Within LLVM   LLVM   2020-05-13
Intel's oneDNN 1.4 Brings More Performance Optimizations To This Deep Learning Library   Intel   2020-04-18
Intel MKL-DNN / DNNL 1.3 Released With Cooper Lake Optimizations   Intel   2020-04-03
GCC 10 Adds ARMv8.6-A Targeting, BFloat16 + i8MM Options   Arm   2020-01-03
QEMU 4.2 Released With Many Improvements For Linux Virtualization   Virtualization   2019-12-13
GNU Binutils 2.33.1 Released With Support For Newer Arm Cortex CPUs, SVE2/TME/MVE   GNU   2019-10-12
Fedora 32 Planning To Ship With GNU Binutils 2.33   Fedora   2019-10-04
ARMv8.6-A Brings BFloat16, GEMM & Other Enhancements   Arm   2019-09-25
The New Features Of LLVM 9.0 & Clang 9.0 - Includes Building The Linux x86_64 Kernel   LLVM   2019-09-10
Arm Talks Up Their BFloat16 / BF16 Support For Upcoming Processors   Arm   2019-08-30
GCC 10 Lands Support For -march=tigerlake & -march=cooperlake   GNU   2019-08-20
Intel Xeon Cooper Lake To Offer Up To 56 Cores Per Socket Next Year   Intel   2019-08-06
Radeon ROCm 2.6 Released - Without Navi Support But Adds BFloat16 & Other Features   Radeon   2019-07-09
Radeon ROCm 2.5 Released With rocThrust, AMD Infinity Fabric Link Support   Radeon   2019-06-08
LLVM/Clang 9.0 Merges Support For Intel "Cooperlake" CPU Target   LLVM   2019-06-07
Intel's BFloat16 Support Plumbed Into GCC 10 & LLVM Clang 9 Compilers   Programming   2019-05-10
Intel Prepares GCC Compiler Support For BFloat16   Intel   2019-04-13
GNU Gets Gas'ed Up For Intel BFloat16 Support   GNU   2019-04-06
Linux Is Already In Good Shape For The New Features Of Intel Gen11 Graphics & Icelake   Intel   2018-12-12
Intel Publishes Whitepaper On New BFloat16 Floating-Point Format For Future CPUs   Intel   2018-11-14