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The State Of Various Firefox Features   Software   18 May 2015

Skia Linux News

LibreOffice 7.0 Released As The Open-Source,...   LibreOffice   05 Aug 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 RC2 Released For This Vulkan-Supported...   LibreOffice   18 Jul 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 RC1 Is Out For Testing This...   LibreOffice   06 Jul 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 Beta 2 Released For This Open-Source,...   LibreOffice   22 Jun 2020
Kernel Advancements, Microsoft Linux News Kept...   Phoronix   02 Jun 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 Beta Available For Testing With Its...   LibreOffice   01 Jun 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 Alpha 1 Released With Its Skia +...   LibreOffice   14 May 2020
LibreOffice On Windows Will Now Hard Require Clang For...   LibreOffice   08 May 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 Finally Retiring Its Adobe Flash...   LibreOffice   23 Apr 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 Will Prefer Building Its Rendering...   LibreOffice   20 Apr 2020
Blend2D For 2D Rendering Now Has Multi-Threaded...   Free Software   15 Apr 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 Git Adds Skia-Based Text Rendering...   LibreOffice   18 Mar 2020
LibreOffice 7.0's Qt5 Support To Offer HiDPI Scaling   LibreOffice   10 Mar 2020
Linux 5.6, Threadripper 3990X, $199 AMD Laptop Topped...   Phoronix   01 Mar 2020
LibreOffice 7 Continues Plumbing Its Vulkan Rendering...   LibreOffice   19 Feb 2020
We Love Performance... So We Love LibreOffice 6.4 With...   LibreOffice   29 Jan 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 Is The Version Now In Development With...   LibreOffice   23 Jan 2020
GIMP 2.99.x Development Releases Likely Starting Soon...   Desktop   04 Jan 2020
Trying Out The Skia+Vulkan Powered LibreOffice 6.5...   LibreOffice   13 Dec 2019
LibreOffice Git Lands Its Skia Drawing Code - Leading...   LibreOffice   30 Nov 2019
Cairo 1.16 Released With OpenGL ES 3.0 Support,...   Free Software   19 Oct 2018
Cairo Adds Support For OpenGL ES 3.0   X.Org   14 Sep 2017
Blend2D: Working Towards A New Software-Based 2D...   Free Software   27 Jan 2017
Firefox 51 Released With FLAC Audio Support, WebGL 2.0...   Mozilla   23 Jan 2017
Firefox 51 To Enable WebGL 2 By Default, FLAC Audio,...   Mozilla   17 Nov 2016
Vim 8.0, macOS Sierra, Libreboot, & GCC Were...   Phoronix   01 Oct 2016
2D Rendering On X11 Remains Barely Faster Than CPU...   X.Org   23 Sep 2016
Intel's FastUIDraw Is Very Promising For Fast,...   Intel   22 Sep 2016
Intel Has Been Working On A Fast 2D GPU Renderer...   Intel   08 Sep 2016
Chrome 53 Should Be Blazing Fast   Google   11 Jun 2016
Off-Main-Thread Compositing Is Coming With Firefox 40...   Mozilla   06 Jul 2015
LinuxCon Is This Week In Chicago   Linux Events   18 Aug 2014
DirectFB Project Draws Up Plans For The Future   Free Software   09 Oct 2013
WebKit Looks To Drop Google Code, V8, Skia   Google   04 Apr 2013
Qt Looks Towards Using OpenGL 3.x, ANGLE   Qt   27 Jun 2012
Xamarin Ports Google's Android To Mono C#   SUSE   01 May 2012
Fog: A High-Performance Alternative To Cairo   Free Software   04 Mar 2012
Azure Replacing Cairo In Mozilla Firefox   Mozilla   26 Jul 2011
The Skia 2D Graphics Library From Google   Phoronix   18 Apr 2011

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