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MuQSS Linux News

Con Kolivas Contemplates Ending Kernel Development,...   Linux Kernel   31 Aug 2021
Linux 5.11-ck1 Released With MuQSS 0.208 Scheduler   Linux Kernel   18 Feb 2021
Intel Graphics Driver Low-Latency Scheduling Revived...   Intel   02 Feb 2021
The Linux Kernel Made Terrific Strides In 2020   Linux Kernel   01 Jan 2021
Linux 5.10-ck1 Released With Updated MuQSS Scheduler   Linux Kernel   31 Dec 2020
56 Patches Volleyed For Improving Intel Linux Graphics...   Intel   29 Dec 2020
Linux 5.9-ck1 Released With Updated MuQSS   Linux Kernel   19 Oct 2020
MuQSS/CK's Con Kolivas Becoming Concerned Over The...   Linux Kernel   20 Aug 2020
Intel Linux Graphics Driver Scheduling Improvements In...   Intel   15 Jul 2020
Linux 5.7-ck1 Released With MuQSS 0.202 For Improved...   Linux Kernel   10 Jun 2020
Intel Graphics Driver Sees Fair Low-Latency Scheduling...   Intel   08 Jun 2020
Con Kolivas Fixes Up GUI-Related Stalls In Mesa   Mesa   08 May 2020
Kolivas Takes Break From Designing COVID-19 Equipment...   Linux Kernel   28 Apr 2020
Linux 5.5-ck1 Released With Latest MuQSS Scheduler   Linux Kernel   04 Feb 2020
Kernel Talk, AMD Hardware + Other Popular Linux Topics...   Phoronix   01 Feb 2020
Linux Kernel "Zen" Downstream Pulls In A...   Linux Gaming   07 Jan 2020
The Linux Kernel's Scheduler Apparently Causing Issues...   Linux Kernel   01 Jan 2020
Linux 5.4-ck1 Kernel Released With MuQSS Patched In   Linux Kernel   27 Nov 2019
Linux 5.3-ck1 Kernel Released With MuQSS 0.195...   Linux Kernel   25 Oct 2019
Linux 5.2-ck1 Released Along With MuQSS 0.193...   Linux Kernel   22 Jul 2019
MuQSS Patches Updated For The Linux 5.1 Kernel   Linux Kernel   16 May 2019
BMQ "BitMap Queue" Is The Newest Linux CPU...   Linux Kernel   12 Mar 2019
Linux 5.0-ck1 Kernel Rolls Out With MuQSS 0.190...   Linux Kernel   11 Mar 2019
Linux 4.20-ck1 Released With An Updated Version Of...   Linux Kernel   31 Dec 2018
Linux 4.19 I/O Scheduler SSD Benchmarks With Kyber,...   Hardware   29 Nov 2018
Endless OS Switching To The BFQ I/O Scheduler For More...   Operating Systems   17 Nov 2018
MuQSS Scheduler Updated, Linux 4.19-ck1 Drops BFQ I/O...   Linux Kernel   14 Nov 2018
MuQSS Scheduler Updated For The Linux 4.18 Kernel, CK...   Linux Kernel   27 Aug 2018
PDS-MQ CPU Scheduler Revised For The Linux 4.17 Kernel...   Linux Kernel   15 Jul 2018
Benchmarks Of The Liquorix Linux 4.17 Kernel   Linux Kernel   03 Jul 2018
Linux 4.17-ck1 Kernel Patches Released With Newest...   Linux Kernel   27 Jun 2018
Feral's GameMode May Soon Have Soft Real-Time...   Linux Gaming   24 May 2018
Linux 4.16-ck1 Kernel Released, Bundles In The MuQSS...   Linux Kernel   01 May 2018
Linux 4.15-ck1 Released With MuQSS 0.170   Linux Kernel   18 Feb 2018
MuQSS Scheduler Updated For Linux 4.14, Experimental...   Linux Kernel   26 Nov 2017
MuQSS CPU Scheduler 0.155 Released   Linux Kernel   12 May 2017
MuQSS Updates For The Linux 4.10 Kernel   Linux Kernel   20 Feb 2017
Ten Features You Will Not Find In The Mainline Linux...   Linux Kernel   18 Feb 2017
MuQSS CPU Scheduler Released For Linux 4.9   Linux Kernel   11 Dec 2016
Early Independent Benchmarks Of The MuQSS Scheduler   Linux Kernel   21 Nov 2016
Con Kolivas Announces First Major Release Of MuQSS,...   Linux Kernel   29 Oct 2016
BFS Updated For Linux 4.8, To Be Succeeded By New...   Linux Kernel   04 Oct 2016