NVIDIA 396.18 Linux Benchmarks, Testing Their New Vulkan SPIR-V Compiler
Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 11 April 2018. Page 4 of 6. 6 Comments

F1 2017 with low quality settings saw a few more frames per second with the new Vulkan SPIR-V compiler. Using the NVVM compiler stack led to the first run being four seconds quicker.

Not much of a difference in the monitored system vitals except for the system memory usage being lower with the new compiler, including about 300MB less on the RAM compared to the stable 390.48 driver. The first run under these conditions were three seconds quicker on the new compiler.

The system RAM also remained in better shape when running with ultra high quality settings.

Similar findings at 4K....

With ultra high settings at 4K, the new compiler led to slightly higher performance, both in the average frame-rate and peak frame-rate as well.

While still conserving around 300MB less RAM compared to the 390 stable driver or 700MB when compared to the old compiler on this new driver release.

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