Matrix Orbital MX610 PLED Display
Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 15 March 2005. Page 1 of 4. Add A Comment

Matrix Orbital has been specializing in LED solutions since 1995. At Matrix Orbital, they engineer all of their own custom displays in different sizes, shapes, and functions. Their most popular line of intelligent displays is their MX series. In this review, we'll be showing you the latest product of their newest MX6 line, the MX610.


· 4 variations of bay inserts
· Integrated 7 key front-mounted keypad for advanced interaction
· Assign various performance tasks to create groups of screens
· Variable backlight brightness
· Custom startup/splash screen
· Connect cooling fans to create a digital baybus
· Adding multiple displays to one computer is easy

· Easy Plug and Play USB interface
· One cable for power and communication
· Monitor various system information
· Visually appealing addition to any computer
· Information at a glance
· Display News Feeds from popular websites
· Control your MP3's without switching to the desktop
· Scroll through information screens with a touch of a button
· Multifunction, monitor information while playing a game
· Track SETI or UD status without needing to turn on the monitor
· Oversee Windows 2000 and Windows XP Services status

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