SilverStone Sugo SG04

Written by Michael Larabel in Enclosures on 22 October 2008. Page 1 of 5. 1 Comment

Last year we had looked at the SilverStone Sugo SG03 and found it to be a phenomenal successor to the Sugo SG01 Evolution and it had went on to receive our Editor's Choice Award. Since the release of the SG03, SilverStone had decided to release the Sugo SG02 in the United States, which was a budget version of the SG01 and their most affordable chassis to date. Now though SilverStone has made a few improvements to the SG03 design and they have released the Sugo SG04. The SG04 takes the same design as the SG03 but it improves the cooling potential of the case, adds a case handle, and improves a few other aspects of this case. In this article we are looking at the SilverStone SST-SG04B-H as well as the SilverStone NT06 Evolution heatsink.


- 1 x 5.25" external drive bay
- 1 x 3.5" external drive bay
- 2 x 3.5" internal drive bays
- Compatible with micro ATX motherboards
- Up to two 120mm cooling fans
- Capable of supporting a dual CPU motherboard
- Support for dual 10.5" length graphics cards
- Support for 1000W power supplies
- Compatible with all optical drives up to 120mm
- Top-mounted die-cast aluminum handle


The SilverStone Sugo SG04 had arrived in packaging that was not very different from other SilverStone cases we have previously reviewed. The cardboard box housing this case was quite durable and there were two sets of Styrofoam molds protecting the case. Additionally, the case was also within a heavy-gauge plastic bag to prevent any scratches. On the outside of the box the features for the SG04B-H were listed as well as a photo of the chassis. Inside of a smaller box found within the SG04 was the user's manual, 4-pin ATX 12V extension cable, 5.25" drive bay cover with double-side adhesive tape, 3.5" drive rails, and the other mounting hardware. At this time the only SKU for the SG04 is SST-SG04B-H. The B signifies the color, black, and the H postfix means the case comes attached with a handle.

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