Intel Xeon Platinum 8490H "Sapphire Rapids" Performance Benchmarks

Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 10 January 2023 at 01:00 PM EST. Page 12 of 14. 41 Comments.

For Node.js performance the 4th Gen Xeon Scalable processors were much faster generationally than 3rd Gen and ahead now of Genoa -- at least as far as single-threaded Node.js performance is concerned. Obviously Genoa with its higher core counts will be able to provide for a denser Node.js environment if desired, but at least in terms of single-threaded scripted execution Sapphire Rapids enjoyed 1.79x the performance of Ice Lake.

SIMDjson is another interesting test case as it's AVX-512 optimized. AMD Zen 4 enjoyed a big boost to performance thanks to it adding AVX-512, while now Sapphire Rapids has caught up to the Genoa results for speedy JSON parsing if you have Gigabytes of data to feed it per second.

For those relying on a lot of Python scripting on your server, the single-threaded Python execution performance enjoyed some nice speed-ups from Ice Lake to Sapphire Rapids that now puts it in line with AMD's 4th Gen EPYC.

Intel Xeon Scalable processors also have a long tradition of performing well for PHP web server workloads/

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