Intel Celeron G5900 + Pentium Gold G6400 Benchmarks - Low-Price Comet Lake CPUs

Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 30 July 2020. Page 1 of 6. 13 Comments

While we have looked a lot at how the Core i9 10900K performs at the top-end of Intel's Comet Lake line-up as well as with the likes of the i5-10600K and i3-10100, here is our first look at the very bottom of the stack with the new Celeron and Pentium processors. Benchmarked today are the Celeron G5900 as a ~$40 processor and the Pentium Gold G6400 that retails for around $60 and compared against other low-end Intel and AMD processors as well as older Intel Core i3 CPUs.

The Intel Celeron G5900 is one of the lowest-end Comet Lake processors offered. For $42 USD (indeed was able to purchase it for that price) is a dual-core processor with a 3.4GHz clock frequency. The CPU has just a 2MB cache, no turbo frequency, support for dual channel DDR4-2666 memory, no form of AVX support, 2MB L3 cache, UHD Graphics 610 that clock up to 1.05GHz, and a 58 Watt TDP. It's a CPU quite at the bottom of the gutter by 2020 standards.

The Intel Pentium G6400 is the other low-end Comet Lake processor benchmarked today. This CPU I was able to buy retail for $75 USD. This Pentium class Comet Lake processor is dual core but does provide Hyper Threading for yielding four threads, a 4.0GHz base frequency without turbo boost, and doubles the L3 cache to 4MB. Like the Celeron Comet Lake CPU tested, there is UHD Graphics 610 with a maximum frequency of 1.05GHz and the CPU has a 58 Watt TDP. As in the past, Intel still does not offer any form of AVX support on their Pentium processors.

For evaluating the performance of the Celeron G5900 and Pentium G6400, the following processors were freshly (re)benchmarked on Ubuntu 20.04 for seeing how the performance stacks up:

- A10-7870K
- Athlon 3000G
- Ryzen 3 1200
- Ryzen 3 2200G
- Ryzen 3 3100
- Ryzen 3 3300X
- Core i5 2500K
- Core i3 4130
- Core i3 7100
- Celeron G5900
- Pentium Gold G6400
- Core i3 10100

All testing was off Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with all systems at their maximum rated memory frequency and dual channel configuration, 525GB Crucial CT525MX3 storage, and running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS while upgrading to the Linux 5.8 Git kernel. These low-end Comet lake CPUs were making use of a Gigabyte B460M DS3H.

Via the Phoronix Test Suite dozens of different benchmarks were run for seeing what Intel Comet Lake Celeron and Pentium processors have to offer in 2020 both for the CPU performance and the UHD Graphics 610 performance.

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