AMD Radeon HD 4770 On Linux

Written by Michael Larabel in Graphics Cards on 11 May 2009 at 06:00 AM EDT. Page 8 of 12. 6 Comments.

While all cards ran at a slower frame-rate, the same characteristics from the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars results applied to the Unigine Sanctuary test run. The Radeon HD 4870 was faster than the Radeon HD 4770 by about 25%, the HD 4770 outperformed the HD 4830, and the HD 4770 performed neck-and-neck with the Radeon HD 4850. The NVIDIA 9800GT had performed at about the same speed as the Radeon HD 4770, albeit the ATI card is around $20~30 USD cheaper. The Radeon HD 4670 is unplayable with the Unigine Engine, but the Radeon HD 4770 could be playable depending upon the settings.

The Unigine Tropics test is roughly the same as Unigine Sanctuary, just with more demanding graphics. With Unigine Tropics, the Radeon HD 4770 performed ahead of both the Radeon HD 4830 and HD 4850. When the Sapphire RV740 was running with its overclocked GPU, it outperformed the GeForce 9800GT.

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