OpenSolaris "Indiana" Information

Written by David Lin in Operating Systems on 13 July 2007 at 02:23 PM EDT. Page 3 of 4. 4 Comments.

The Project Indiana installation media will be sized to fit onto a CD and will include the core operating system and desktop environment. Project Indiana will better focus on the user experience with the "best of breed open source software" and emphasizes unique Solaris features, such as ZFS, DTrace, and Solaris Containers.

Project Caiman will provide the Project Indiana installation experience. Caiman offers both a graphical and text user interface and has integrated hardware compatibility testing, Live CD/DVD capabilities, deep integration with Solaris features, and simplified system configuration. Project Caiman also allows for the installation of additional software after the operating system installation has been completed. ZFS will be the default file-system in the Project Indiana distribution.

One of the areas where Solaris has been lacking is with package management capabilities, but Project Indiana will feature a new package management infrastructure with simplified administration of binary packages and a more intuitive update experience with ZFS rollback functionality.

Indiana's package management infrastructure will also support network package repositories to install other Sun and community created packages.

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