OpenSolaris "Indiana" Information

Written by David Lin in Operating Systems on 13 July 2007 at 02:23 PM EDT. Page 4 of 4. 4 Comments.

For hardware support installation, data will be sent back upstream (possibly similar to Fedora's smolt) as well as a searchable hardware compatibility list. There will also be Phoronix articles dealing with hardware under Project Indiana.

A preview release of Project Indiana is slated for October of 2007 while the first official release should arrive in March of 2008. Project Indiana releases will be on a six-month release cycle.

The discussion, process, and infrastructure for Project Indiana all take place within the community and Solaris Express Developer Edition merges into Indiana.

Project Indiana will be different from Solaris in the respect that it's the community's operating system. Similar to the relationship between Red Hat and Fedora, Solaris will become the polished distribution derived from Project Indiana. Solaris also has slower technology introductions, longer support cycles, and seamless migration from Project Indiana.

The official project page for Project Indiana is here as well as additional information from Phoronix. You can share your thoughts on Project Indiana in the Phoronix Forums.

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