OCZ EB DDR PC-4000 2GB Platinum

Written by Michael Larabel in Memory on 25 November 2005 at 01:00 PM EST. Page 1 of 8. Add A Comment.

At the start of this year when we had interviewed Ryan C. Gordon, or better known as Icculus, it was he who had stated the demands of the Unreal Engine and with his 4GB of system memory on his workstation being necessary for development purposes. Although the needs for playing the actual game are much less, there have been a great deal of games, as well as applications, that have begun to optimize for a 2GB environment over the traditional 1024MB. Although 1GB of system memory is sufficient for many of the current-generation programs, 2 x 1GB kits are quickly becoming the de facto standard for enthusiasts and gamers alike. One of the memory manufacturers to offer 2 x 1024MB memory kits since the beginning of this craze has been OCZ Technology. We have looked at their 2 x 1GB memory kits in the past, but today we have our hands on the OCZ EB DDR PC-4000 2 x 1024MB Platinum Edition.


· 500MHz DDR
· CL 3-3-2-8
· Unbuffered
· Mirrored Platinum Copper Heatspreaders
· Lifetime Warranty
· 2.8 Volts
· 184 Pin DIMM
· ULN2


Opening up the shipping container from OCZ's California offices, we were greeted by their usual form of packaging which is not much more than a small clear container and a paper insert that is generic to OCZ's various system memory modules that displays general information along with showing a few of the awards OCZ Technology has received over time. This form of packaging has been popular with high-performance system memory modules for years and one of the finer points is it allows the user to see the glorious looking memory heatspreaders on the modules. As previously stated, these modules are EB DDR PC-4000 2 x 1024MB Platinum Edition but for those not looking for a 2GB capacity, OCZ also offers a single 1GB module.

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