Logisys 15" Deluxe CCFL Kit & Dual CCFL Ring Fan

Written by Richard Chu in Peripherals on 8 August 2005 at 01:00 PM EDT. Page 1 of 3. Add A Comment.

The niche for case modding has grown tremendously over the past few years. As enthusiasts started paying great attention to the aesthetics of their computers, a wide range of aesthetically pleasing products such as CCFLs, PSU with LED fans, and LCD displays began to populate the market. Today’s review items are the Double CCFL (Cold Cathode Florescent Light) Fan Kit from Logisys, featuring two cold cathode light (one in the inner ring and one in the outer ring), and 15” Blue Deluxe Sound Activated CCFL Kit, the longest cold cathode light currently available for PC application.


Dual CCFL Ring
· Input Voltage: 12V
· Output Voltage: 650V +- 10%
· Current: 5.0mA +- 0.5 mA
· Brightness: 28,000 cd/m
· Life Span: Min. 15,000 Hours

Dual CCFL Fan
· Fan Dimension: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
· Input Voltage: 11.2~12.2V DC
· Output Current: 5~7.5 mA
· Output Frequency: 40 kHz+ -20%
· Air Flow: 42.31 CFM
· Rotation Speed: 2800~3200 RPM
· Noise Level: 22 dB(A)
· Bearing Type: Sleeve

15” Blue Deluxe Sound Activated CCFL Kit
· Input Voltage: 12V DC
· Input Current: 700 mA
· Input Connector: Molex 4pin connector with pass-through
· Output Connector: 2 Output socket for dual 15" cold cathode lights. Inverter: Sound control activation, sensitivity adjustable, with on/off switch to override sound control feature
· Cold Cathode light: 15" (14.3" long in acrylic tube) length with diameter 5/8"


Found inside the Logisys Double CCFL Fan Kit was the clear blue dual CCFL fan with a 3/4-pin adapter, dual inverters, expansion bracket with on/off switch, and four mounting screws. The Logisys 15" Blue Deluxe Sound Activated CCFL Kit not only contained the longest CCFL we've ever seen for PC use, but also offered a clear dual-output inverter with sound activated module and blue LED. Like the CCFL Fan Kit, the Logisys 15" CCFL ships with an expansion bracket that contains an On/Off/Sound switch and a sensitivity adjustable knob.

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