Sytrin Nextherm ICS 8200 Intelligent Midi Tower

Written by Michael Larabel in Enclosures on 23 March 2005 at 01:00 PM EST. Page 1 of 5. Add A Comment.

After we had reviewed the PC AirCon PAC400 late last year, we were approached by a representative regarding an upcoming joint project that may interest us. Although very little information was disclosed at that initial time, we received updates periodically on the progress and provided some assistance along the way. As the expected release date approached, we waited day after day for the courier in hopes of receiving this interesting item. Well today, we are pleased to present to you the Nextherm ICS 8200. This is much more than a simple PC air conditioner that slides into an available 5.25" drive bay, but an entire cooling system! Inside of this pure steel chassis is a 120W thermoelectric chip, 150% of the cooling power as the original AirCon PAC400! The front of the case features a LCD panel which can keep track of four different temperatures; and next to this LCD panel is a dialed gauge for displaying real time power usage. Powering the massive TEC unit, and the rest of your computer system, is a 460W ATX12V/EPS12V PSU. Although the specifications may look impressive, is it really worth it? Continue on as we investigate the Sytrin Nextherm ICS 8200 Intelligent Midi Tower.


· Advanced System Level Cooling, "Air-Conditioning Cooling" to provide extra cooling power - 120 Watts
· Compact Perforated Air-Inlet design to allow maximum cooling performance
· Integrated Monitoring System Combo - LCD Panel & Dialed Gauge for real-time tracking of temperature & power consumption usage
· Powerful 460W power supply built-in
· Tool-less design for easy assembly
· Easy access dual USB2.0, IEEE1394 (Firewire), audio & speaker ports
· Retractable Foot Stand
· Classy & Contemporary Foot Stand


Upon opening the well-packaged retail container, and tearing through bubble wrap, plastic, and Styrofoam; we finally see the item we've been waiting so long to get our hands on, the Nextherm ICS 8200. A small cardboard box inside of the chassis contains an ICS 8200 product guide, United States PSU cable, a bag of screws & standoffs, default I/O plate, and finally the tool-less 5.25" drive bay rails. The ICS 8200 product guide is a small colorful pamphlet that basically covers the overview and specifications for each of the items.

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