Virgil is an effort to provide 3D acceleration using Gallium3D for QEMU+KVM virtual machine guests.

Virgil Linux & Open-Source News

Mesa's Venus VirtIO-GPU Vulkan Driver Adds Code To Handle ANGLE   Mesa   2022-03-04
Mesa's Virgl Preparing To Transition To Using NIR Over TGSI   Virtualization   2022-02-20
Mesa's Virgl Code Lands Optimization For Lowering Memory Use   Mesa   2021-12-09
Google & Collabora Working On OpenGL ES 2.0 Virtualized GPU Access For Containers   Virtualization   2018-02-12
Having Fun With Virgil 3D On Arch Linux With Wayland, Libvirt, SPICE   Virtualization   2016-09-02
Early Virgil 3D Results Show This Virtual GPU For QEMU Has Room For Improvement   Virtualization   2016-05-19
QEMU 2.6 Officially Released   Virtualization   2016-05-12
VirGL VirtIO 3D GPU Driver Added To Gallium3D   Mesa   2015-10-23
VirtIO-GPU Gets Patches For 3D Rendering   Virtualization   2015-09-10
VMware Lands Its OpenGL 3.3 Support In Its Mesa Gallium3D Driver   Wayland   2015-09-02
VMware's Virtual Gallium3D Driver Will Finally Support OpenGL 3   Mesa   2015-08-13
QEMU 2.4 Released With VirtIO GPU Support   Virtualization   2015-08-11
QEMU 2.4 Adding Support For TPM2, KVM System Management Mode & More   Virtualization   2015-07-09
Linux 4.2 DRM Updates: Lots Of AMD Attention, No Nouveau Driver Changes   Linux Kernel   2015-06-25
New Features To Look Out For With The Linux 4.2 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2015-06-14
The New DRM Graphics Drivers For Linux 4.2: AMDGPU & VirtIO   Linux Kernel   2015-06-06
Red Hat Is Rolling Out A VirtIO DRM/KMS GPU Driver   Red Hat   2015-03-24
Virgil3D Is Still Happening, New 3D Test Harness Created   Virtualization   2015-03-16
Does VirtualBox VM Have Much A Future Left?   Virtualization   2015-01-30
VMWare X.Org Driver Updated To v13.1   Virtualization   2015-01-19
Intel Releases New Version Of XenGT Graphics Passthrough   Virtualization   2015-01-12
LinuxCon Is This Week In Chicago   Linux Events   2014-08-18
Intel Pushes Their Graphics Virtualization Capabilities   Intel   2014-05-04
DisplayPort MST Support Is In The Works For Linux   Hardware   2014-04-02
The DRM Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 3.14   Linux Kernel   2014-01-30
Linux.Conf.Au 2014 Presentations Worth Watching   Free Software   2014-01-12
David Airlie Provides Update On VirtIO GPU Accel   Red Hat   2014-01-10
KVM/QEMU 3D Support Still Being Figured Out   Red Hat   2013-12-10
The DRM/KMS Drivers In The Linux 3.13 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-12-02
PRIME Support Comes To VMware's Virtual GPU Driver   Virtualization   2013-11-14
QEMU VFIO Support Is Progressing For VGA Pass-Through   Virtualization   2013-11-10
The Current State Of VIrtIO-Based Virgil3D   Mesa   2013-11-10
QEMU Bochs KMS Driver Might Not Have A Future   Virtualization   2013-11-06
The Design Of Virgil3D For OpenGL With KVM/QEMU   Virtualization   2013-07-26
Virgil: Experimental Virtual 3D Support For QEMU   Free Software   2013-07-18
Dante: Open-Source Doom 3   Linux Gaming   2012-08-04