Qt 5.2 was released in December 2013 as a major iteration of the Qt5 tool-kit. Major features of Qt 5.2 include Qt support on Google Android and Apple iOS platforms, improvements to Qt core on the desktop, a new Qt JavaScript Engine, and many tool-kit enhancements for all supported operating systems.

Qt 5.2 Linux & Open-Source News

KDE Frameworks 5.13.0 Released   KDE   2015-08-13
Scribus 1.5 Released, Ported To Qt 5 With Big UI Overhaul Coming   Desktop   2015-05-26
KDE Frameworks 5.5.0 Released   KDE   2014-12-12
webOS Lives On As LuneOS With New Release   Operating Systems   2014-09-02
SlateKit Base OS Released For The Nexus 7 Tablet   Qt   2014-05-18
Qt For Tizen Alpha 6 Arrives   Qt   2014-02-28
SlateKit Base: A Linux OS With Qt5 Running Off KMS/FBDEV   Qt   2014-02-08
Qt 5.2.1 Brings Some Performance Improvements   Qt   2014-02-05
Qt5 Is Still Being Decided Upon For Ubuntu 14.04 LTS   Qt   2014-01-17
Wayland's Orbital Shell Is Still Under Development   Wayland   2014-01-10
Digia Is Planning Enginio Cloud Data Storage For Qt 5.3   Qt   2014-01-06
Qt & Wayland-Powered Hawaii 0.2 Desktop Released   Wayland   2013-12-25
Digia Officially Releases Qt 5.2   Qt   2013-12-12
Qt For Tizen Keeps Pushing Ahead   Qt   2013-12-10
Qt 5.3 To Focus On Performance, Stability   Qt   2013-12-06
It's Now Even Easier Trying Out KDE Frameworks 5   KDE   2013-12-03
Qt 5.2 Final Release Is "Coming Really Soon"   Qt   2013-12-03
Qt 5.2 RC1 Released Along Side Qt Creator 3.0 RC1   Qt   2013-11-29
Ubuntu 14.04 Looks Toward Qt 5.2, Qt Mir In 14.10   Qt   2013-11-20
The Qt 5.2 Release Candidate Is Being Delayed   Qt   2013-11-18
Accretion: A QML, Qt 5.2, KDE Frameworks 5 File Browser   Qt   2013-11-14
Broadway Gets Touch Support; GTK3 On The iPad   GNOME   2013-11-12
Qt 5.3 Might Depend On SSE2 CPUs   Qt   2013-11-11
Wayland-Based Green Island Compositor Sees Release   Wayland   2013-11-03
KDE's Plasma 2 Has Become Somewhat Usable   KDE   2013-11-02
The State Of Qt On Android, Already Plans For Qt 5.3   Qt   2013-10-26
Qt 5.2 Is Now Out In Beta Form   Qt   2013-10-23
Qt For Tizen Update Does Qt 5.2 Alpha, Wayland Happy   Qt   2013-10-10
Wayland-Based Hawaii Desktop Planned For Fedora 22   Fedora   2013-10-09
Qt 5.2 Alpha Gets Love From Bluetooth, NFC, QML   Qt   2013-09-30
Qt 5.2 Alpha Release Expected Next Week   Qt   2013-09-27
Qt Switching From WebKit To Chromium Engine   Qt   2013-09-12
Qt 5.2 To Bring New Scene Graph Renderer   Qt   2013-09-03
Digia Looking At Windows WinRT Support In Qt 5.2   Qt   2013-08-28
Qt 5.2 Planned For November Release, KF5 Features   Qt   2013-08-14
Qt5, KDE Frameworks 5 Testing On OpenSUSE   Qt   2013-08-06
Qt 5.1 Finally Released With Lots Of Good Features   Qt   2013-07-03
Qt For Tizen Adds In More Features, Functionality   Qt   2013-06-29
Qt 5.2 Plans Are Laid With New Features   Qt   2013-06-25
QtWayland Shows Signs Of Progress, Plans Features   Qt   2013-03-22
Qt Developers Work Out Plans For Time-Based Releases   Qt   2012-08-06