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Nexuiz Articles & Reviews

Xonotic, The Successor To Nexuiz, Is Primed   Linux Gaming   2011-09-08
XreaL: The Most Advanced Open-Source Game Engine?   Linux Gaming   2009-04-09
Nexuiz 2.5 Raises The Bar For Open-Source Gaming   Linux Gaming   2009-04-03
Nexuiz 2.4 Offers Impressive Graphics   Linux Gaming   2008-03-01
Alien Trap Nexuiz v2.0   Linux Gaming   2006-06-15
Nexuiz v1.5   Linux Gaming   2006-02-14
Nexuiz v1.2   Linux Gaming   2005-08-29
Nexuiz 1.0   Linux Gaming   2005-06-02

Nexuiz Linux & Open-Source News

Xonotic 0.8.5 Improves This Prominent Open-Source Game   Linux Gaming   2022-07-02
Xonotic 0.8.2 Released   Linux Gaming   2017-04-01
Are Open-Source Games & Community Game Engines Fading Away?   Linux Gaming   2015-12-12
Does The NVIDIA Driver's OpenGL Image Settings Affect The Performance Much?   NVIDIA   2015-09-18
Xonotic 0.8.1 Brings New Maps, New Gameplay Features   Linux Gaming   2015-09-02
The Most Popular Linux Benchmark Results On   Phoronix   2015-02-28
Sandy Bridge Gets Layered Rendering, Fixes Longtime Regression   Intel   2014-05-29
Catalyst 14.3 Beta Linux Driver Fixes OpenGL Performance Issues   AMD   2014-03-18
Why A Popular Open-Source Game Isn't On Steam   Linux Gaming   2013-10-14
Benchmarking Fedora 18 Updates   Fedora   2013-04-16
A Few More Games Now Work With "RadeonSI" Driver   Linux Gaming   2013-03-07
Optimizing Mesa Performance With Compiler Flags   Mesa   2013-01-27
AMD's Catalyst A.I. Is Good For Few Linux Games   AMD   2012-12-20
THQ Is Looking At Bringing Their Games To Linux   Linux Gaming   2012-12-16
Gallium3D Driver Comes For Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge   Intel   2012-12-13
Marek Takes On MSAA Gallium3D Improvements   Mesa   2012-12-07
Twig: Doing Open-Source Physics In DarkPlaces   Linux Gaming   2012-09-07
Testing Intel Sandy Bridge LLC Cache Controls   Intel   2012-07-27
Xonotic Aims To Be The Best Open-Source FPS   Linux Gaming   2012-06-25
Valve Picks Up Another Key Linux Developer   Valve   2012-06-19
One Of The New Valve Linux Employees Is...   Valve   2012-05-31
Image Quality: Intel Ivy Bridge vs. Radeon Gallium3D   Intel   2012-04-28
The Impact Of KDE On 3D Gaming   Linux Gaming   2012-04-12
The Best Looking Open-Source Game?   Linux Gaming   2012-04-11
There Exists A Native Linux Port Of CryEngine 3   Linux Gaming   2012-04-04
Xonotic 0.6 Offers Impressive Game Improvements   Linux Gaming   2012-03-09
AMD Radeon HD 7950 Running On Linux   Radeon   2012-03-08
A Pleasant Surprise In Mesa 8.1 Radeon Gallium3D   Mesa   2012-02-22
Image Quality Comparison: Nouveau Gallium3D vs. NVIDIA   Nouveau   2012-02-21
Tomes of Mephistopheles Alpha Released   Linux Gaming   2012-02-21
FOSDEM 2012 Summary, Videos To Watch   Free Software   2012-02-18
Image Quality Comparison: Radeon Gallium3D vs. Catalyst   Radeon   2012-02-13
Xonotic 1.0 Is On The Linux Gaming Horizon   Linux Gaming   2012-02-06
Holiday Gift: OpenGL Radeon Performance Goes Up   Mesa   2011-12-24
What To Do If Still Seeing Poor Linux Battery Life   Hardware   2011-06-30
From The Phoronix Test Farm This Easter   Linux Kernel   2011-04-24
Introducing The R5 Game Engine   Linux Gaming   2011-04-24
AMD's Turks GPUs Work On Open-Source, Sort Of   AMD   2011-04-21
On Low-End GPUs, Nouveau Speeds Past The NVIDIA Driver   Linux Kernel   2011-03-19
Will The Linux 2.6.39 Kernel Bring Graphics Magic?   Linux Kernel   2011-03-14
Crowd-Sourcing System Requirements For Free Software   Phoronix   2011-03-07
The Xonotic Nexuiz-Fork Celebrates Its First Anniversary   Linux Gaming   2011-03-07
A Xonotic Preview Release Comes For Christmas   Linux Gaming   2010-12-23
Unigine Announces The Three New Linux Games   Linux Gaming   2010-12-13
ET-XreaL Continues Moving Towards Better Graphics   Linux Gaming   2010-11-16
Rigs of Rods Simulator Game Gets Marked 0.37-r1   Linux Gaming   2010-08-01
Alien Arena 2010 Coming "In A Few Weeks"   Linux Gaming   2010-04-26
Nexuiz Gets Forked, Turned Into Xonotic   Linux Gaming   2010-03-22
OpenArena 0.8.5 Is Out With Small Changes   Linux Gaming   2010-02-23
New 3D Game Engine Targets Linux Gamers   Linux Gaming   2010-02-14
NVIDIA Has Gallium3D Support In Fedora 13   Fedora   2010-02-14
IBM's Bob Sutor Questions Linux Gaming   Linux Gaming   2010-01-21
Lenvik Alpha 2 Gets Ready For Unigine Heaven   Phoronix   2009-12-15
A New Game Comes To Linux And It's Not A FPS   Linux Gaming   2009-11-14
Ryan Gordon Is Fed Up, FatELF Is Likely Dead   Free Software   2009-11-03
Phoronix Test Suite 2.2 "Bardu" Alpha 4   Phoronix   2009-10-12
Alien Arena 7.31 Brings Game, Engine Work   Linux Gaming   2009-10-08
Nexuiz 2.5.2 Release Brings New Game Mode   Linux Gaming   2009-10-03
PTS Bardu Makes Its Alpha Debut   Phoronix   2009-08-27
Update On Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Benchmarks   Free Software   2009-08-26
A Battle For Good Open-Source Game Graphics?   Linux Gaming   2009-04-26
The Future Of UT3 On Linux Appears Uncertain   Linux Gaming   2009-04-09
S3 Graphics Linux Driver Faster Than Windows?   X.Org   2009-03-06
Intel Core i7, AMD Phenom II Benchmarks On Linux   Intel   2009-02-24
Nexuiz 2.4.2 Open-Source FPS Released   Linux Gaming   2008-05-11
Epic Games Does Suppress Linux Talk   Linux Gaming   2008-04-22
Nexuiz 2.3 Released   Linux Gaming   2007-06-01
Nexuiz 2.2.1 Released   Linux Gaming   2006-12-16
Nexuiz v2.1 Released   Linux Gaming   2006-09-11
Nexuiz v2.0   Linux Gaming   2006-06-14
Weekly Round-Up   Phoronix   2006-02-19