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P-State/CPUFreq CPU Frequency Scaling Tests For Radeon/NVIDIA Gaming With Linux 4.16   Linux Gaming   2018-04-17

GameMode Linux & Open-Source News

Feral's GameMode 1.8 Adds CPU Core Pinning & Parking   Linux Gaming   2023-12-06
Intel Graphics With Linux 6.6 Adds Tuning Knobs That Can Yield 10~15% Better Performance   Intel   2023-08-04
New Intel Linux Graphics Driver Patches Allow Tuning For Up To 10~15% Better Performance   Intel   2023-04-27
Linux Adding New Control Since Its Splitlock Detector Is Wrecking Some Steam Play Games   Linux Kernel   2022-12-13
Canonical Continues Snap'ing Up Linux Gaming For Ubuntu   Ubuntu   2022-08-30
Feral Releases GameMode 1.7   Linux Gaming   2022-07-21
Feral's GameMode 1.6 Released For Optimizing The Linux Gaming Experience   Linux Gaming   2020-09-11
GNOME Power-Profiles-Daemon Taking Shape For Better System/Laptop Power Controls   GNOME   2020-09-08
New Intel "Adaptive" P-State Frequency Governor Volleyed For Better GPU-Bound Efficiency   Intel   2020-04-28
Intel P-State Changes Could Improve iGPU-Bound Performance - Some Cases ~15%, ~43% Perf-Per-Watt   Intel   2020-03-10
Feral's GameMode 1.5 Now Supports Changing The CPU Governor Differently For iGPUs   Linux Gaming   2020-01-22
Intel iGPU Linux Gamers May Be Better Off With The "Powersave" Governor   Linux Gaming   2019-12-18
Some Of The Possible Changes Coming For The Desktop With Ubuntu 20.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2019-12-05
Feral's GameMode 1.4 Adds Flatpak Support, Better I/O Optimization Handling   Linux Gaming   2019-07-21
GameMode Seeing Improvement Work For Better Integration With GNOME   Linux Gaming   2019-07-06
Fedora Workstation 31 Is Looking Great With Many Original Features Being Worked On   Fedora   2019-06-24
GameMode 1.3 Released For Optimizing Your Linux Gaming Experience   Linux Gaming   2019-03-15
GameMode Working On GPU Performance Level Tuning For Linux Gaming   Linux Gaming   2019-03-08
GameMode Sees Patches To Allow For GPU Overclocking When Running Linux Games   Linux Gaming   2019-02-06
The Latest Happenings With Feral's GameMode For Optimized Linux Gaming   Linux Gaming   2019-01-28
Fedora Had A Killer 2018, But It Will Be Interesting To See What Comes Next Year   Fedora   2018-12-31
Feral's GameMode Gets Patches To Adjust I/O Priority For Games   Linux Gaming   2018-09-30
Solus Deploys Flatpak 1.0, Prepares For X.Org Server 1.20, Better Intel GVT Support   Operating Systems   2018-08-25
Feral's GameMode 1.2 Released For Optimizing Linux Gaming   Linux Gaming   2018-07-21
Red Hat Continues Driving Wonderful Innovations In Fedora Workstation   Fedora   2018-07-18
Feral's GameMode Is On Its Way To Fedora   Fedora   2018-07-06
Feral's GameMode May Soon Have Soft Real-Time Capabilities   Linux Gaming   2018-05-24
Feral's Linux Team Lead Is Leaving The Company   Linux Gaming   2018-05-17
Feral's GameMode 1.1 Released For Optimizing Linux Gaming Performance   Linux Gaming   2018-05-11
A Quick Look At Feral GameMode / P-State Powersave vs. Performance   Linux Gaming   2018-04-10
Feral Releases "GameMode" System Tool For Linux, Currently Sets CPU Scaling Governor   Linux Gaming   2018-04-10