GK20A is the Kepler-based graphics processor found in NVIDIA's Tegra K1 SoC.

GK20A Linux & Open-Source News

Nouveau DRM Code Updated For Linux 4.8   Nouveau   2016-07-15
Nouveau NVC0 Adds ETC2/ASTC Texture Compression For Newer GPUs   Mesa   2016-04-04
NVIDIA Is Working Towards Open-Source Re-Clocking Support On The Tegra X1   NVIDIA   2016-03-11
Nouveau Gets Some Improvements For Linux 4.5   Nouveau   2016-01-11
Nouveau Support For ETC2/ASTC Texture Compression   Nouveau   2015-12-19
Linux 4.4 DRM Pull Has Raspberry Pi Driver, AMDGPU Improvements   Hardware   2015-11-08
Nouveau Has Some Re-Clocking Improvements, But Still No GTX 900 Acceleration   Nouveau   2015-11-03
Nouveau Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Going Through A Big Rework   Nouveau   2015-08-24
NVIDIA's Latest Open-Source Tegra Work Focuses On VIC Support   Nouveau   2015-07-20
NVIDIA Starts Supplying Open-Source Hardware Reference Headers   NVIDIA   2015-06-24
DRM Graphics Updates Sent In For The Linux 4.1 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2015-04-20
The NVIDIA GTX 750 Will Finally Run Easy With Acceleration On Linux 4.1   Nouveau   2015-04-15
Linux 4.0-RC1 Tagged, Linux 4.0 Will Bring Many Notable Improvements   Linux Kernel   2015-02-22
The DRM Graphics Changes Submitted For Linux 3.20   Linux Kernel   2015-02-16
NVIDIA Has A "Great Experience" Working With Nouveau Community   NVIDIA   2015-02-04
NVIDIA Tegra DRM Driver Supports Atomic Mode-Setting In Linux 3.20   Linux Kernel   2015-01-27
Nouveau In Linux 3.20 Will Have A Lot Of Code Cleaning   Nouveau   2015-01-26
NVIDIA Sends Out 11 Nouveau Patches For Christmas   Nouveau   2014-12-24
Nouveau Changes Queued For Linux 3.19, Adds Initial GM204 Support   Nouveau   2014-12-02
The New Features Of Mesa 10.3   Mesa   2014-08-25
Acer's Latest Chromebook Should Be Quite Powerful & Attractive   Hardware   2014-08-11
Nouveau's Big Batch Of Changes Land In Linux 3.17   Nouveau   2014-08-10
The Best Features Of Linux 3.16   Linux Kernel   2014-08-03
NVIDIA Contributes Re-Clocking Code To Nouveau For The GK20A   Nouveau   2014-07-11
Weston DRM Compositor Support Proposed For NVIDIA's TK1   Wayland   2014-06-20
The New Features To The Linux 3.16 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-06-15
Many DRM Graphics Driver Changes Introduced To Linux 3.16   Linux Kernel   2014-06-12
Open-Source NVIDIA Changes Are Exciting For Linux 3.16   Nouveau   2014-06-04
NVIDIA's Tegra K1 Support Lands In Mainline Mesa   Nouveau   2014-05-27
NVIDIA Posts Mesa Patches For GK20A Gallium3D Support   NVIDIA   2014-05-27
NVIDIA Publishes Revised Open-Source TK1 Graphics Code   NVIDIA   2014-05-02
NVIDIA Posts Working "GK20A" Support For Nouveau   NVIDIA   2014-03-24
NVIDIA Publishes A New Open-Source Nouveau Driver Patch   Nouveau   2014-02-10
NVIDIA Provides Open-Source Tegra K1 Support In Nouveau   NVIDIA   2014-02-01