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Clang 8.0 Articles & Reviews

GCC 8/9 vs. LLVM Clang 7/8 Compiler Performance On AArch64   Software   2019-02-12
62 Benchmarks, 12 Systems, 4 Compilers: Our Most Extensive Benchmarks Yet Of GCC vs. Clang Performance   Software   2019-02-05
A Look At The GCC 9 Performance On Intel Skylake Against GCC 8, LLVM Clang 7/8   Software   2018-11-13

Clang 8.0 Linux & Open-Source News

LWJGL 3.3 Released For This Popular Java Library - OpenCL 3.0 Added, New Bindings   Programming   2021-11-15
OpenIndiana Hipster 2019.10 Released For Advancing Open-Source Solaris   Operating Systems   2019-11-07
AMD Optimizing C/C++ Compiler 2.0 Released With Zen 2 Support   AMD   2019-08-08
LLVM 8.0.1 Released With Bug Fixes   LLVM   2019-08-05
FreeBSD 11.3 Officially Released With Random Improvements, Updated Components   BSD   2019-07-09
OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 Released With AMD Zen Optimized Option, Toolchain Updates   Operating Systems   2019-06-16
OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 RC Released, Rebases To LLVM Clang 8, Java 12, Linux 5.1   Operating Systems   2019-05-12
LWJGL 3.2.2 Updates Against Vulkan 1.1, Other New Packages   Programming   2019-05-11
Clear Linux Preparing The LLVM 8 Switch, Including For Graphics/Compute Runtimes   Clear Linux   2019-04-09
POCL 1.3 Released For OpenCL On CPUs As The Portable Computing Language   Standards   2019-04-05
POCL 1.3 RC2 Released For OpenCL On CPUs   Free Software   2019-04-03
Gentoo-Based Sabayon 19.03 - Finally Supports Full Disk Encryption, Python 3 Default   Operating Systems   2019-04-01
POCL 1.3 Is On The Way For The Portable Computing Language   Free Software   2019-03-28
LLVM 8.0 Released With Cascade Lake Support, Better Diagnostics, More OpenMP/OpenCL   LLVM   2019-03-20
LLVM 8.0 Drags On As An RC5 Now Gets Scheduled   LLVM   2019-03-11
Linux 5.0, Radeon VII, Intel Iris Driver & Other Exciting Milestones In February   Phoronix   2019-02-28
The New Features & Changes With The LLVM Clang 8.0 Compiler Stack   LLVM   2019-02-26
LLVM/Clang 9.0 Picks Up Support For Arm's Cortex-A76   Arm   2019-02-26
The LLVM Codebase Is Moving Past C++11 This Year, Likely To C++14   LLVM   2019-01-23
LLVM 9.0 Is Now Open For Development, Releasing In Late 2019   LLVM   2019-01-16
LLVM Clang 8.0 Is Branching In A Week With Intel Cascade Lake Tuning & More   LLVM   2019-01-09
LLVM / Clang 8.0 Likely To Be Released Around Early March   LLVM   2018-12-04
Linux's Slowdown, Raptor's Talos II, Clear Linux & Other Dominating Topics This Month   Phoronix   2018-11-30
GNU Hurd Toolchain Support Added To LLVM Clang Compiler   GNU   2018-11-29
Clang Picks Up Support For Per-Function Speculative Load Hardening (Spectre V1)   LLVM   2018-11-28
Six Years After Launch, AMD Piledriver CPU Tuning Gets Reworked In LLVM Clang   AMD   2018-10-28
NVIDIA Developers Express Interest In Helping Out libc++/libstdc++ Parallel Algorithms   NVIDIA   2018-10-21
LLVM Lands Support For ARMv8.5's Branch Target Identification (BTI)   LLVM   2018-10-10
LLVM 7.0 Is Ready For Release   LLVM   2018-09-17