APITrace is an open-source program for being able to trace, replay, and debug OpenGL (OpenGL ES included) and Direct3D game/application streams.

Additional Information: https://github.com/apitrace/apitrace

APITrace Linux & Open-Source News

Mesa's Virgl Straps On A Simple Disk Cache   Mesa   2021-04-14
Direct3D 12 Support For APITrace Pursued To Help VKD3D-Proton   Valve   2020-11-18
Mesa's Continuous Integration To Begin Seeing Testing Coverage For Wine / DXVK   Mesa   2020-03-28
Embedded Linux Conference 2018 Wraps Up In Portland   Linux Events   2018-03-15
RAD Game Tools Adds Telemetry Visualizer Linux Support To Their Portfolio   Linux Gaming   2018-03-15
Wine "PBA" Shows Potential For Improving Direct3D-Over-OpenGL Performance   WINE   2018-02-23
GAPID 1.0 Released As Google's Cross-Platform Vulkan Debugger   Google   2017-12-13
Intel Batch Buffer Logger Updated For Mesa   Intel   2017-11-14
X.Org Has Been Accepted For The 2017 Google Summer of Code   X.Org   2017-02-28
ARM Offers Vulkan Linux Debugger Support   Vulkan   2016-11-29
The State Of The X.Org GSoC 2016 Projects   X.Org   2016-06-24
Gallium3D Patches To Help GRID Autosport, Metro Redux & More   Mesa   2016-05-18
Google Summer of Code 2016 Projects Announced   Google   2016-04-23
What's New With The X.Org Foundation? Not Too Much   X.Org   2015-09-21
NVIDIA Performance Counters Still Coming Along For Nouveau   Nouveau   2015-09-20
NVIDIA Releases Linux Graphics Debugger For OpenGL 4.2~4.5   NVIDIA   2015-08-11
The Six X.Org Summer GSoC Projects For 2015   Google   2015-05-04
Running Benchmarks On Newer, Popular AAA Linux Games***   Linux Gaming   2015-01-10
Valve Funds Glassy Mesa Development For Better Driver Performance   Linux Gaming   2014-06-07
Crytek Open-Sources Their Renderdoc Graphics Debugger   Linux Gaming   2014-05-07
More Steam Linux Tests/Benchmarks Might Be Coming   Valve   2014-04-24
A Look At Valve's VOGL UI   Valve   2014-03-22
Valve Publishes The Source Code For Their VOGL OpenGL Debugger   Valve   2014-03-12
Valve's VOGL Debugger To Be Completely Open-Source   Valve   2014-01-17
Valve Needs Help From OpenGL Game Developers   Valve   2014-01-17
Valve's VOGL OpenGL Debugger Should Be Great   Valve   2014-01-16
APITrace Moves Along With Its GL4, Direct3D Support   Standards   2013-11-30
APITrace Continues Bettering OpenGL Debugging   Mesa   2013-10-12
Linux Still Needs Better OpenGL Debugging Support   Mesa   2013-09-18
X.Org Has Some Interesting Summer GSoC Projects   X.Org   2013-05-30
NVIDIA, Valve Share Lessons In Porting To Linux   Valve   2013-04-04
Ryan Gordon On Valve's Steam, Linux Porting   Valve   2012-12-01
OpenGL Profiling Improvements With APITrace   Free Software   2012-09-27
Finding Bottlenecks In Your Linux Game, Application   Linux Gaming   2012-07-21
What Should Valve Do For Linux & Open-Source?   Valve   2012-07-17
PTS4-Suldal Milestone 1 Packs Exciting Features   Phoronix   2012-04-12
APITrace 3.0 Brings Graphics Tracing Goodness   Free Software   2012-03-09
FOSDEM 2012 Summary, Videos To Watch   Free Software   2012-02-18
Intel's Brewing New Linux Graphics Driver Features   Intel   2012-02-05
ApiTrace 2.0 Brings OpenGL 4.2, Faster Performance   Mesa   2011-09-28
AMD Pushes gDEBugger Away From Linux, Mac OS X   AMD   2011-07-08
ApiTrace 1.0 Released: A Great Way To Debug Graphics   Free Software   2011-04-27