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exFAT Articles & Reviews

The New Features Of The Linux 5.7 Kernel: Tiger Lake...   Software   12 Apr 2020
Linux 5.4 Features Are Huge From exFAT To New GPUs To...   Software   29 Sep 2019
F2FS Results Mixed Against Microsoft's exFAT On Linux   Software   06 Mar 2013
exFAT File-System Performance On Linux 5.9   Software   10 Nov 2020

exFAT Linux News

Linux Support For Microsoft's exFAT File-System   Microsoft   01 Feb 2009
Linux Kernel's Floppy Disk Code Is Seeing Improvements...   Hardware   16 Mar 2020
Microsoft's ReFS File-System: Competitor To Btrfs?   Microsoft   17 Jan 2012
Tuxera Claims NTFS Is The Fastest File-System For...   Free Software   24 Jun 2011
The New Microsoft exFAT File-System Driver Is Set To...   Linux Storage   07 Mar 2020
Samsung Properly Open-Sources exFAT File-System   Free Software   16 Aug 2013
Native Linux Kernel Module Is Out For Microsoft exFAT   Microsoft   25 Jun 2013
GRUB 2.00 Boot-Loader Officially Released   GNU   27 Jun 2012
FAT File-System Driver For Linux Sees Patch To Run...   Linux Storage   11 Apr 2020
Microsoft's exFAT Is Still Crap On Linux   Microsoft   08 Jan 2012
Some Of The Features To Look Forward To With Linux 5.7   Linux Kernel   27 Mar 2020
Pipelight, X.Org, exFAT & Wayland Topped This...   Phoronix   31 Aug 2013
The New Microsoft exFAT File-System Driver Has Landed...   Linux Storage   04 Apr 2020
What You Won't Find In The Linux 3.13 Kernel   Linux Kernel   18 Nov 2013
Samsung's Better exFAT Driver Gets Revised Ahead Of...   Linux Storage   20 Jan 2020
The Existing Linux exFAT Code Is "Horrible"...   Linux Storage   29 Aug 2019
Samsung Releases exFAT-Utils To Format File-System,...   Linux Storage   09 Apr 2020
Samsung Accidentally Leaked The exFAT Linux Driver   Free Software   23 Jul 2013
Linux 5.4 Kernel Released With exFAT Support, Faster...   Linux Kernel   24 Nov 2019
Linux 3.3 Kernel Has A Big, "Pretty Good"...   Linux Kernel   09 Jan 2012
An Open-Source exFAT Implementation Reaches v1.0   Free Software   21 Jan 2013
Linux 5.6 Is Going To Be A Prominent Kernel With...   Linux Kernel   06 Jan 2020
Paragon Looks To Mainline Their NTFS Read-Write Driver...   Linux Storage   15 Aug 2020
Linux's exFAT Driver Looking To Still Be Replaced By A...   Microsoft   30 Dec 2019
Linux 5.7-rc1 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   12 Apr 2020
There Are Big Changes On The Horizon With Linux 5.12   Linux Kernel   14 Feb 2021
Microsoft Publishes exFAT Specification, Encourages...   Microsoft   28 Aug 2019
HelenOS Micro-Kernel OS Still Marching On   Free Software   11 Feb 2013
Merging exFAT Support For Linux Is Being Talked About...   Linux Storage   10 Jul 2019
The Staging exFAT Driver Set To Be Nuked In Linux 5.7,...   Linux Storage   10 Mar 2020
Will Tux3 Soon Enter The Mainline Kernel?   Linux Kernel   23 Feb 2009
Linux 5.7 Changes So Far: New exFAT Driver, Tiger Lake...   Linux Kernel   06 Apr 2020
Apple Using Rust, exFAT, Ryzen Laptops, Ubuntu 20.04...   Phoronix   31 Mar 2020
Linux Mint 18 MATE & Cinnamon Editions Released   Operating Systems   30 Jun 2016
Linux Gaming, Qt Drama, New Hardware Kept Open-Source...   Phoronix   30 Apr 2020
Linux 5.7 Staging's Spring Cleaning Sees Almost 30k...   Linux Kernel   30 Mar 2020
The Initial exFAT Driver Queued For Introduction With...   Linux Kernel   30 Aug 2019
VirtIO-FS File-System Driver Being Added For Linux 5.4   Linux Storage   31 Aug 2019
Mir, ARM & Valve Excite Linux Users This Month   Valve   31 Mar 2013
EXT4, XFS & exFAT Enjoy Some Nice Improvements...   Linux Kernel   30 Apr 2021
The Linux Kernel Made Terrific Strides In 2020   Linux Kernel   01 Jan 2021
Paragon Looks To Upstream Their Microsoft exFAT Driver...   Microsoft   19 Oct 2019
Linux's exFAT Driver Will Soon Be Able To Delete Big...   Linux Storage   17 Jan 2021
The Top Linux 5.7 Features From Apple Fast Charge To...   Linux Kernel   29 May 2020
An Alternative exFAT Linux File-System Driver Based On...   Linux Storage   14 Sep 2019
Samsung Respins exFAT-Utils As exFATprogs In New...   Linux Storage   23 Apr 2020
Clear Linux Working On A New Software Store, User...   Clear Linux   21 Oct 2019
Microsoft Made More Linux / Open-Source Announcements...   Microsoft   19 Dec 2019
Microsoft exFAT File-System Mailed In For Linux 5.4...   Linux Kernel   18 Sep 2019
GParted 1.2 Released With Support For exFAT...   Linux Storage   26 Jan 2021
Staging Changes Lighten The Linux 5.6 Kernel By More...   Linux Kernel   30 Jan 2020
Linux's exFAT File-System Driver Can Now...   Linux Storage   31 Jul 2020
Linux 5.4-rc1 Kernel Steps Forward With Next-Gen GPU...   Linux Kernel   30 Sep 2019
Intel vs. AMD, Systemd-Homed, Kernel Advancements Top...   Phoronix   30 Jun 2020
Haiku OS Advances With New Official Release   Free Software   20 Jun 2011
2020 Was Another Interesting Year For Microsoft Around...   Microsoft   28 Dec 2020
The Exciting Linux 5.4 Changes From exFAT Support To...   Linux Kernel   17 Nov 2019
EROFS Is Graduating From Staging In Linux 5.4   Linux Storage   01 Sep 2019
NTFS-3G Sees Major Update w/ Faster Compression   Free Software   22 Jan 2012
Linux 5.4 Cycle To Begin With exFAT Driver, EPYC...   Linux Kernel   15 Sep 2019
Android-x86 4.4 RC2 Released   Google   21 May 2014
GNU Parted 3.4 Released With Support For F2FS...   GNU   28 Jan 2021
The New NTFS Linux Driver Updated With Better...   Linux Storage   06 Dec 2020
Linux's Exfatprogs 1.1 Released To Fsck The Boot...   Linux Storage   09 Feb 2021
Linux 5.5 Staging Changes Land With New WiFi Driver To...   Linux Kernel   27 Nov 2019
There's Still Work On Mainlining exFAT Linux Support   Linux Kernel   25 Sep 2013
AMD Dominated The Conversation Among Linux/Open-Source...   Phoronix   01 Aug 2019
GParted 0.16 Now Handles F2FS File-System   GNOME   24 Apr 2013
Linux 5.4-rc3 Released Ahead Of Official Kernel Debut...   Linux Kernel   13 Oct 2019
Samsung Sends In Improvements To The exFAT File-System...   Linux Storage   09 Jun 2020
Staging/IIO Changes For Linux 5.8 Are The Most Boring...   Linux Kernel   08 Jun 2020
Linux Mint 19 Beta Released   Operating Systems   04 Jun 2018
Calculate Linux 13.19 Ends The Last Of CL13   Operating Systems   02 Jul 2014