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KMSCON Linux News

Arcan 0.6 Display Server Adds Network Transparency,...   Free Software   26 Nov 2020
FBDEV Is Still Alive In 2019, Picking Up A Few Minor...   Linux Kernel   04 Jan 2019
DRM Text Mode Proposed As Alternative To FBDEV/FBCON   Linux Kernel   29 Jul 2016
Systemd 216 Piles On More Features, Aims For New...   systemd   20 Aug 2014
Intel GPU Driver Tries To Rip Out FBDEV Support   Intel   17 Jun 2013
Mir Display Server Now Uses XKB Common   Wayland   17 Apr 2013
The Linux Kernel Console Is Being Killed Off   Linux Kernel   08 Feb 2013
VESA BIOS Extension DRM Kernel Driver Released   Free Software   27 Jan 2013
DRM Library Gets Improved Documentation   X.Org   12 Jan 2013
X.Org @ FOSDEM 2013 Is Less Than One Month Away   X.Org   10 Jan 2013
Error Recovery Support In The Wayland Client   Wayland   12 Oct 2012
Wayland Gets A Native Terminal Emulator   Wayland   27 Sep 2012
KMSCUBE: Spinning Cube Comes To The KMS Console   Free Software   04 Sep 2012
KMSCON Is Getting Ready To Kick The Kernel Console   Linux Kernel   18 Aug 2012
Frame-Buffer Log Driver Wants To Go Mainline   Linux Kernel   15 Jul 2012
Proposal For Wayland With Virtual Terminals   Wayland   05 Jul 2012
The Most Interesting GSoC 2012 Projects   Google   24 Apr 2012
KMSCON: A DRM-Based Terminal Emulator   Free Software   28 Mar 2012
A Guide To Hacking With EGL & KMS   Linux Kernel   01 Nov 2011