Sharkoon Rainbow TC
Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 20 December 2005. Page 1 of 3. Add A Comment

Due to the lack of innovation we have seen in the computer cooling industry when it comes to case fans, we usually avoid covering the subject matter due to a lack of variation between products. Every once in a while a new cooling product comes along that is different from the rest of its competition and today we will be looking at just that, a fan which not only is high performing but it comes with a unique illumination effect that displays the current case temperature onto the fan blades as they spin! The Rainbow Fan TC features a chip on the PCB that synchronizes the fan speed in order to project the present temperature (in Celsius) and the word "COOL" across the spinning fan blades. The Rainbow TC is engineered by Sharkoon; the same group of people that earlier this year delivered the Silent Eagle, which was a unique fan as rather than the traditional plastic or metal blade, it had used a unique surface structure that allowed for an improved airflow by replicating the surface of a golf ball thus increasing the airflow while running at a lower noise level. For this review, the Sharkoon Rainbow TC was provided by the folks over at CrazyPC who have been serving up PC case mods, cooling, and accessories since 1999.


· Unique illumination effect
· Projection of the current temperature onto the fan blades
· 12V rated voltage
· 3.6W power consumption
· 2250RPM fan speed
· 19CFM @ 38dBA
· 80 x 80 x 38mm
· 3-pin motherboard connector


Like a majority of the other retail packaged fans, the Sharkoon Rainbow TC came packaged inside of a petite plastic container. On the rear of the container is a paper sleeve that shares the features and fan specifications in both English and German. Removing the packaging, we were simply left with the fan as no accessories such as mounting screws or power adapters were included. Presently the only fan size available for the Rainbow TC is 80mm and running off the fan housing is a 3-pin fan connector. Unlike the Sharkoon Silent Eagle, the Rainbow TC power cable was not sleeved but for those interested CrazyPC does offer wire sleeving in chrome, neon yellow, neon red, neon green, neon blue, and black.

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