NVIDIA 375.10 vs. Linux 4.8 + Mesa 13.1-dev AMD GPU Benchmarks

Written by Michael Larabel in Graphics Cards on 24 October 2016 at 07:30 PM EDT. Page 1 of 6. 168 Comments.

In prepping for the GeForce GTX 1050 Linux graphics card reviews this week, I've been re-testing my various AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards atop the very latest driver stacks. As a precursor while waiting for the GeForce GTX 1050 Linux review in the days ahead, here are those fresh benchmarks of the other graphics cards.

NVIDIA released the 375.10 Linux driver toward the end of last week with official GTX 1050 support plus other changes with this being the first public Linux driver of the 375.xx driver series. That is the driver used for all of the benchmarking today and the upcoming GTX 1050 Linux review. (Unfortunately there is still no GTX 1000 Pascal card support on Nouveau due to no firmware blobs, so only proprietary driver tests for now!) While on the AMD side was the Linux 4.8.4 stable kernel plus Mesa 13.1-dev Git this week plus LLVM 3.0 SVN, served up via the Padoka PPA. Linux 4.8.4 was used over Linux 4.9 Git since the Radeon R9 Fury is still currently broken on 4.9 Git and there is also reports of performance regressions in some configurations with Linux 4.9.

GTX 1050 Prepping

The AMD cards tested for this comparison were the Radeon RX 460, RX 470 (keep in mind its a Sapphire Nitro OC card), RX 480, R9 Fury, R9 285, and R7 370. Tested on the NVIDIA side was the GTX 750 Ti, GTX 950, GTX 960, GTX 970, GTX 980, GTX 1060, GTX 1070, and GTX 1080. In the review later this week will be the GTX 1050 plus a few other cards. I won't have a launch-day GTX 1050 Linux review for Tuesday as still waiting for the hardware to arrive, but expect it hopefully by week's end.

All of these fresh Linux graphics card benchmarks were done in a fully-automated manner using the Phoronix Test Suite with OpenGL, OpenCL, and Vulkan coverage.

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