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Written by KoalaBR in Display Drivers on 16 May 2008. Page 2 of 2. 2 Comments

Just before I finished my draft, malc0 switched Randr1.2 to be default. So, please do test, if you have problems with mode setting please report and do check whether the old code has the problem or not (by deactivating Randr1.2 explicitly).

Speaking of Darktama, work on Gallium3D hasn't stalled either. Standard work, which I never mention is tracking the progress of the Gallium main repository. That work means merging, resolving conflicts and changing our interfaces according to the changes which happened there.

Additionally, Darktama added a very basic TTM interface which is mostly working although it is very slow currently. Reason is that the buffer management is extremely simplistic for now. Now why is the code slow, is it due to generic problems in the TTM code or is it our code? Let's here what Darktama has to say about it:

"It's in my gallium buffer code, I ripped it out and replaced it for TTM very quickly, and lost a heap of optimization work that existed previously some of them are fairly critical for performance :)"

Ah yes and the problems with reflections in Neverball are solved too. First Darktama and the Gallium team thought they missed an important design detail, making reflections hard / cumbersome to implement. Well, they just overlooked one option and everything was easy to implement.

Well the merge window for kernel 2.6.26 was closed and MMio didn't make it. That was not due MMioTrace not being worked on by pq (have a look at his MMioTrace page in the wiki, where he is constantly updating the current status), but due to the sheer volume of changes ftrace inclusion was delayed into the 2.6.27 time frame. Once ftrace goes in though, we will see pq's shiny new implementation of MMioTrace, so stay tuned.

And jb17some continued his work on XvMC. His decoding library seems to work for NV4x although a few hacks to be ironed out later remain. The library was imported into Sourceforge CVS and his current status can always be found here.

And finally: On the third try we finally got a slot via Xorg in the Google Summer of Code. Ymanton is working on creating a video decoding facility on top of Gallium3D. A reference version will be implemented with softpipe (Gallium3D software renderer) while at the end the feature will be put to the test by implementing it for Nouveau. So a warm welcome and good luck to ymanton! See his blog about this project here.

Help Needed

We still need feedback on our new Randr1.2 code. As mentioned above, it is now default but we are still looking for feedback. Please test and report your results to either stillunknown or malc0.

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