DragonFlyBSD's Meltdown Fix Causing More Slowdowns Than Linux

Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 7 January 2018 at 04:06 PM EST. Page 2 of 5. 37 Comments.

The BlogBench I/O benchmark is designed to model web server performance. With this test, both systems lost 11~12% of their speed.

With the Dbnech disk benchmark, again signifcant drops in performance.

The IOzone benchmark's results weren't synced to disk, but even with that said, the E3-1245 v5 saw its performance drop by 23% while the slower i7-4790K box that also has a slower SSD didn't see its performance degrade that much.

Particularly on the Haswell system, the Compile Bench performance dropped measurably.

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