AMD EPYC 9374F Linux Benchmarks - Genoa's 32-Core High Frequency CPU

Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 15 November 2022. Page 9 of 14. 21 Comments

For the 7-Zip benchmark, the EPYC 9374F was 20% faster than the EPYC 75F3.

The EPYC 9374F was also showing great generational improvement over the EPYC 75F3 with the Blender 3D modelling software.

The EPYC 9374F at less than $5k was also delivering great value compared to the other processors under test.

Intel's Embree is another creator workload that performs exceptionally well on Genoa. Thanks to Intel having well tuned Embree and their other software packages for AVX-512, Genoa is in great shape.

When using Embree with the ISPC compiler, the EPYC 9374F was 51% faster than the EPYC 75F3 and even came out just ahead of the EPYC 7713. Or the single EPYC 9374F running with the power determinism mode was able to come out just ahead of the EPYC 75F3 2P! The EPYC 9374F 2P configuration was 1.59x the speed of the EPYC 75F3 2P configuration.

The strong Embree performance also equated to leading performance-per-dollar and performance-per-Watt with Genoa.

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