AlmaLinux 9 Running Well, Performance On Par With RHEL 9.0

Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 15 June 2022 at 02:30 PM EDT. Page 1 of 2. 19 Comments.

Released at the end of May was AlmaLinux 9.0 as the first "community" distribution out of the gates based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0 that reached GA in mid-May. I've been running AlmaLinux 9.0 on a few Intel and AMD servers to great success. And, yes, as expected the performance matches that of upstream RHEL9.

I've been testing AlmaLinux 9.0 so far on several Intel and AMD x86_64 servers and it's been working out fine with no issues to speak of or differences compared to my experiences during Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0 benchmarks over the past month. It's been working well and no complaints and, yes, it's completely free.

It is worth noting that AMD is a backer of AlmaLinux along with the likes of CloudLinux, Arm, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Equinix, and others while Intel currently isn't part of that list, presumably due to their close relations with Red Hat.

Now onto a quick performance test of AlmaLinux 9.0 against upstream RHEL 9.0...

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