SilverStone FM83 & FM123 Fans

Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 16 July 2007 at 09:07 AM EDT. Page 1 of 3. 1 Comment.

We don't look at many cooling fans at Phoronix, but after being impressed by a variety of SilverStone products over the years -- such as the Sugo SG03, Temjin TJ09, and Zeus ST75ZF -- when SilverStone told us about some new variable speed fans they had released, we decided to take a look at them. The fans we are looking at in this review include the SilverStone FM83 and FM123.


· Bullet hub design for aerodynamic airflow
· All white fan blades and frame
· Long life dual ball bearing motor
· Control module with on/off function


Included with the SilverStone FM83 and FM123 were the mounting screws, rubber washers for silencing/vibration reduction, expansion slot fan-speed controller, 3-pin to 4-pin power adapter, and the fan itself. The SilverStone FM83 is an 80mm fan that can push between 25.6 and 74.5 CFM and its noise level varies between 19 dBA and 41.2 dBA. The FM123 is the 120mm version that is capable of pushing between 40.7 and 106.3 CFM while its noise level range is from 17.5 dBA to 39.5 dBA. The life expectancy for both of these fans is 50,000 hours. With both of these fans, we were very fond of the packaging itself as in order to open the plastic packaging we didn't need to use any scissors or knives, unlike many similar packages that are more difficult to open. The SilverStone FM83 and FM123 packaging simply pulls apart with there being a plastic hinge to keep the back and front sides together.

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