Sytrin Nextherm PSU460

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Late last month inside of our facilities, we had the Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus, which was an incredibly powerful VGA cooler that managed to blow away its competition and walk home with an Editor's Choice Award. This GPU and RAM cooler certainly showed a relative newcomer to the PC industry has limitless possibilities and with some innovative engineering they have the abilities to rattle the market. Of course, what introduced Sytrin to Phoronix, and the rest of the world for that matter, was their premier product, which was the Nextherm ICS-8200. The ICS-8200 was an ATX chassis; however, it shipped with a large 120W peltier system in the lower portion of the chassis to blow chilled air directly upon the various computer components. In addition, the build quality of the cooling system and the entire chassis was truly phenomenal. Another one of the prominent benefits to the chassis with its integrated cooling system was the included power supply. Time and time again when testing cases we are often greeted by subordinate power supplies that either provide very low Amperage or Wattage, possess flakey voltage rails, or is simply unimaginable by how someone would trust running the unit inside of their computer. However, when it came to the Sytrin chassis we were quite appalled at the time by its power supply when it came to the incredible build quality, clean voltages, and overall features. With Sytrin realizing that their PSUs were not ordinary units bundled with the chassis but rather possessed a great deal of possibilities they set out to establish their own line of power supplies. Presently they possess the Nextherm PSU460 460W, PSU550 550W, and PSU600 600W, however, the only one available right now in mass quantities is the PSU460, which is for the retail sector and was found inside of the ICS-8200.


· High-end Server Level Power
· Intel SSI EPS 12V & ATX 12V Compatible
· Support for Intel P4 (775) and AMD Athlon 64/FX (K8) platforms
· Support Intel Dual CPU Nocona
· 100% Full Power Supply and Efficiency > 78%
· Dual Independent 12V Rails Supply to MB/CPU and Drives
· SATA Connector Supported
· NVIDIA SLI PCI-Express Connector Supported
· Smart Cooling and Noise Control Design
· Power Consumption Signal Output
· Active PFC (Power Factor Correction), PF>0.99
· Multiple Power Protections against Over Power, Short-Circuit, Over-Current, Overload & Over-temperature
· Efficient Connector & Cable Management
· High Quality Mask Black Casing
· Nextherm PC Air Conditioner Connector Supported
· Safety Approvals: UL, TUV, SIMKO, CB.
· EMC Approvals: CE, BSMI, CISPR22 CLASS B, FCC PART 15 SUB PART J CLASS B at System Load


Unlike the Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus that had room for improvement with its packaging (mainly with protecting the copper base), there were no problems with the Nextherm PSU460 packaging. Opening up the cardboard packaging, which was layered with various information about the product, inside we were simply left with the Nextherm PSU460 user manual and the 460W ATX PSU. Inside of the box, the Sytrin PSU was encased in a layer of bubble-wrap, which should be more than adequate for protecting against damage during the shipping and handling process. Some manufacturers continue to use a great deal of packaging safeguards for the power supply unit, however, manufacturers like SilverStone Technology continue to use very little protection whether it be a plastic bag to protect against scratches or simply a thin layer of bubble-wrap to cushion the unit. The user's manual is five pages long and simply includes some basic information about the product, which can already be attained from their company website. Two items that are often found bundled with power supply units, although missing from the Nextherm PSU460, was a traditional US power cable as well as mounting screws. Although we had no problems with these two parts not being included, other users could potentially face a less than desirable time if this were their first PC build.

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