ePower XScale 570W

Written by David Lin in Power Supplies on 14 November 2005 at 01:00 PM EST. Page 1 of 3. Add A Comment.

The average build-quality of power supplies lately has been getting better and better. Units like the legendary Deer and Powmax are getting fewer and fewer. As you are probably aware, Deer/Allied and Powmax PSUs were infamous for blowing up and burning down motherboards. Nowadays these tragic events rarely happen unless you are dealing with some cheaper power supplies that are most often bundled with computer cases as a majority of present day units attain at least a respectable level of performance and quality. However, enthusiasts and overclockers expect nothing less than the best. Amongst those companies commonly accepted as the best are PC Power & Cooling, SilverStone, Antec, OCZ, Enermax, Fortron, and a rare minority of other providers. With us today we have ePower's XScale Silent Engine 570W PSU (EP-570MP).


· Glossy Titanium Reflective Chassis
· 2 Fans
· Fan Speed Control
· Fan Sensor Lead
· M/B Connecter 20+4 Sliding Connector (Patented)
· AGP Pro 6 Pin Connector
· 4 SATA Connectors
· VGA Power Lead Technology
· 6-pin PCI express VGA Card Lead
· Peripherals Device AC Control
· Top Silent Technology Noise Control
· Over Voltage Protection
· Over Current Protection
· Short Circuit Protection
· UL, CE, CB, FCC Certification


The ePower unit, like their past products we have reviewed, came packed in a cardboard box. Inside were simply a power cord, mounting screws, a manual, and the actual 570W unit. The power supply was protected by bubble wrap that helped prevent the shiny reflective coating from being scratched.

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