Silencing The SOHO

Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 22 August 2005 at 01:00 PM EDT. Page 1 of 5. Add A Comment.

After we had published the original Silencing The SOHO article over a month ago, we received an overwhelming number of messages from those who had successfully silenced their screaming beast and then those users looking for additional wisdom. In our part 2 addition of Silencing The SOHO, we are back with various other cooling alternatives for active CPU heatsinks as well as an intriguing new case fan and fan controller. The product we'll be checking out today is the Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000, Ultra Products Copper Heatpipe CPU Fan for Athlon XP 3400+ or 64 4000+, SunbeamTech Lightbus, and the Spire SP495S11-U QuieTude VI. For part 1 of Silencing The SOHO, we looked at the AcoustiFan DustProof Noiseless computer case fans, Anti-Vibration Silicone Fan Gasket, AcoustiFan Anti-Vibration Gel Fan Mounts, Scythe Ninja (SCNJ-1000) fan-less CPU cooler, CoolJag JAC16EC, Prime Cooler PC-VGAC+, and the Prime Cooler PC-9225L12SMA/PC-8025L12SMA fans; to read part 1 click here. The first item up on the testing block today is the Ultra Products Copper Heatpipe CPU HSF, so let's begin!

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