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etlegacy Linux & Open-Source News

ET: Legacy 2.78 Released With Better OpenAL Sound, Android Support Materializing   Linux Gaming   2021-10-06
Many New/Updated Benchmarks For March With New SDR/Radio Tests, More Code Compilation   Phoronix Test Suite   2021-03-28
ET: Legacy 2.77 Released For Letting Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Live On In 2021   Linux Gaming   2021-03-01
Nearly Two Decades Later, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Still Living On With ET: Legacy   Linux Gaming   2021-02-14
ET: Legacy 2.76 Released For Letting Enemy Territory Live On In 2019   Linux Gaming   2019-01-14
ETLegacy Continues Work On New Renderer 16 Years After Enemy Territory   Linux Gaming   2018-12-30
ET: Legacy Is Still Letting You Relive Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Memories In 2018   Linux Gaming   2018-10-07
IORTCW Continues Letting Return to Castle Wolfenstein Live On As Open-Source   Linux Gaming   2017-01-22
ET: Legacy Continues Making Progress On Free, Modern Art Assets For Enemy Territory   Linux Gaming   2016-12-03
Running Enemy Territory With OpenGL 3 In 2016   Linux Gaming   2016-11-14
ETLegacy Continues Advancing Enemy Territory With OpenGL 3, OpenAL Surround Sound   Linux Gaming   2016-11-13
ET:Legacy 2.74 Released With Better Unicode Support, Lua 5.3   Linux Gaming   2015-08-22
ET: Legacy Is Preparing A New Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Update   Linux Gaming   2015-07-31
ET: Legacy - Reviving The Old FPS   Linux Gaming   2012-12-02