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Qt3D Linux & Open-Source News

Qt 6.0's 3D Renderer Is Much Improved But More Work Remains   Qt   2020-11-30
Clear Linux Working On AVX2-Optimized Qt Toolkit   Clear Linux   2018-06-25
KDAB Experimenting With Qt 3D For VR   Qt   2017-05-20
Qt 5.5 Officially Released   Qt   2015-07-01
Qt 5.5 Alpha Finally Released   Qt   2015-03-17
Qt 5.5 Alpha Is Getting Close, But Still Behind Schedule   Qt   2015-03-02
Qt 5.5 Features: Many Exciting Improvements   Qt   2015-02-19
Qt3D Will Likely Only Be A Tech Preview In Qt 5.5   Qt   2015-02-09
KDAB Continues Its Overview Of Qt3D 2.0, Demos Custom Rendering Effects   Qt   2015-01-20
Qt 5.5 Is Packing On New Features, Going Into Feature Freeze Soon   Qt   2015-01-13
Part Two Of KDAB's Qt3D 2.0 Overview   Qt   2015-01-07
KDAB Provides An Overview Of Qt3D 2.0   Qt   2014-12-16
The Release Of Qt3D 2.0 Is Making Progress, Not Too Far Out   Qt   2014-11-11
Daydreaming About Qt6 & Qt7   Qt   2014-08-10
Qt3D 2.0 Is A Rewrite Of Qt's 3D Support   Qt   2014-05-27
Qt3D, QtOpenCL Spark New Interest   Qt   2014-03-30
OpenGL May Take On A Greater Role Within Qt   Qt   2012-12-18
Qt 5.0 Beta 2 Released As The Final Approaches   Qt   2012-11-13
Nokia's Actions Already Harm Qt 5.0 Release   Free Software   2012-08-02
Nokia Slams Office Working On Qt Components   Free Software   2012-07-31
An Overview Of Qt 5.0 Features   Free Software   2012-06-25