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Qt 5.4 Linux & Open-Source News

UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 Released With Ubuntu 16.04 Base   Ubuntu   2018-08-26
Qt Quick 2's Graphics State For Qt 5.8   Qt   2016-08-15
KDE Frameworks 5.21 Released   KDE   2016-04-09
Valve Puts Out The Steam Link SDK With OpenGL ES, Qt & SDL Support   Valve   2016-01-14
KDE's Kexi Is Receiving The Qt5/KF5 Treatment   KDE   2015-06-23
Mageia 5 Officially Released, Finally Supports UEFI Systems   Operating Systems   2015-06-19
Qt 5.4.2 Officially Released   Qt   2015-06-02
Ubuntu Phone Update This Month Brings Many Improvements   Ubuntu   2015-05-28
Qt 5.5 Beta Finally Released   Qt   2015-05-15
QtWebEngine Poses Problems For Debian, Distribution Vendors   Qt   2015-04-23
Qt 5.4 Officially Released   Qt   2014-12-10
Qt 5.4 Release Candidate Does Thanksgiving Day Debut   Qt   2014-11-27
Qt 5.4 Planned For Release On 9 December   Qt   2014-11-26
Qt 5.4 Release Candidate Expected Later This Week   Qt   2014-11-25
Qt Improvements Forthcoming For HiDPI Displays   Qt   2014-11-14
Qt 5.4 Now In Beta With Web, Bluetooth LE, Graphics Improvements   Qt   2014-10-17
KDE Frameworks 5.3 Brings Many Small But Notable Fixes   KDE   2014-10-07
Qt 5.4 Will Support Applications Under A Wayland Compositor   Qt   2014-09-23
Qt 5.3.2 & Qt Creator 3.2.1 Released   Qt   2014-09-16
Qt 5.4 Alpha Shows Off Graphics Improvements, New Qt WebEngine   Qt   2014-09-08
Qt5 Will Now Support LGPLv3 Modules   Qt   2014-08-20
Qt 5.4 Is Now Under A Feature Freeze   Qt   2014-08-10
Digia To Spin Off Qt Business Into Its Own Company   Qt   2014-08-06
Qt 5.4 Going Into Feature Freeze Next Week With Exciting Changes   Qt   2014-07-29
Qt HiDPI Support Is On Hold For A Few Months   Qt   2014-07-02
New Features Coming For Qt 5.4   Qt   2014-06-26
Qt 5.3 Beta Released -- Improves Android, Adds WebSockets   Qt   2014-03-25
Qt 5.3+ To Have Printing Support Improvements   Qt   2014-01-07