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Multi-Pointer X Articles & Reviews

Intel's 2D Performance With X.Org Server 1.9   Display Drivers   2010-08-13
X.Org 7.5 Released. Wait, Nope!   Software   2009-04-01
Gaming With The Open-Source R500 Driver   Display Drivers   2008-05-28
Multi-Pointer X Going Mainline   Software   2008-05-09
A Preview Of Kernel-Based Mode-Setting   Display Drivers   2008-04-19

Multi-Pointer X Linux & Open-Source News

A Vast Majority Of Linux's Input Improvements Are Developed By One Individual   X.Org   2019-10-16
The X.Org Server Continues Cruising Along As We Approach 2019   X.Org   2018-12-28
To No Surprise, X.Org Server Progress Is Slowing   X.Org   2012-07-04
X Input 2.2 Multi-Touch Is Feeling Good   X.Org   2012-02-08
X.Org Multi-Touch Support Finally Set To Land   X.Org   2011-12-14
Racing To Finish X.Org Multi-Touch Support   X.Org   2011-12-07
A Q&A Panel About Contributing To X.Org & Open-Source   X.Org   2011-09-05
What Will Be Talked About At The Ubuntu 11.04 Summit   Ubuntu   2010-10-07
Who Contributed The Most During X Server 1.9?   X.Org   2010-09-02
Apple Looks To Take Over X Server 1.9 Release Management   Apple   2010-08-21
The X.Org Multi-Touch Protocol Specification Is Drafted   X.Org   2010-08-06
X Input 2 Support Goes Into GTK+ 3.0   GNOME   2010-05-26
Synaptics Gesture Suite Ported To Linux   Hardware   2010-04-19
Fifth Stable Update Ends Out X Server 1.7 Series   X.Org   2010-02-15
Multi-Touch Gesture Recognition For Clutter   X.Org   2009-12-26
A Video To Show Off X.Org's Multi-Touch Support   X.Org   2009-12-19
How The X Stack In Ubuntu 10.04 LTS May Look   Ubuntu   2009-11-18
Fedora 12 Released To The Wild   Fedora   2009-11-17
X.Org 7.5 Now Released   X.Org   2009-10-26
Fedora 12 Beta Released   Fedora   2009-10-20
X Server 1.7.1 Release Candidate 2   X.Org   2009-10-19
X Server 1.7 Released With XI2/MPX Glory   X.Org   2009-10-02
X.Org 7.5 Gets Closer While X Server 1.6.4 Is Out   X.Org   2009-09-28
Proposed Process Changes For X Server 1.8   X.Org   2009-09-26
X Server 1.7 Finally Reaches Release Candidate   X.Org   2009-09-14
The X.Org 7.5 Super Module   X.Org   2009-09-11
Kudos To Peter Hutterer With X.Org 7.5   X.Org   2009-09-10
X Server 1.7 Has Its First Snapshot   X.Org   2009-09-04
X.Org 7.5 Is Frozen, XKB2 Gets Postponed Again   X.Org   2009-08-31
X Server 1.6 Lives On With Another Release   X.Org   2009-08-26
Xi2, Multi-Pointer X Support For FreeGLUT   X.Org   2009-08-25
The X.Org 7.5 Release Day, But With No Release   X.Org   2009-08-17
OpenSolaris Receives New X.Org VT Support   Oracle   2009-08-14
A Late X Server 1.7 Means No Update For Ubuntu 9.10   Ubuntu   2009-08-05
X Server 1.6.3 Released With More Fixes   X.Org   2009-08-01
X Server 1.6.3 RC1 Makes It Out   X.Org   2009-07-27
X.Org 7.5 / X Server 1.7: No Branching, No Beta   X.Org   2009-07-22
Will The X.Org 7.5 Release Schedule Be Met?   X.Org   2009-07-08
Native Multi-Touch Support On Linux   Free Software   2009-06-11
Writing At Length About X Input 2.0   X.Org   2009-06-06
X Input 2.0 Merged Into The X Server   X.Org   2009-06-04
X Input 2.0 Hitting Master In Seven Days   X.Org   2009-05-28
X.Org 7.5 Release Schedule Slips Again   X.Org   2009-05-27
Ubuntu Picks Up X Input 2 Support In PPA   X.Org   2009-05-25
X.Org 7.5 Release Schedule Revised For July   X.Org   2009-04-26
A Working X Input 2 Implementation   X.Org   2009-03-21
Multi-Pointer X Support For GTK+   GNOME   2009-01-20
X Input 2.0 Protocol Draft Specification   X.Org   2009-01-13
X Generic Event (XGE) Protocol Specification   X.Org   2008-12-01
X Server 1.6 Beta 1 Has Been Delayed   X.Org   2008-11-26
Fedora 11 Release Schedule, Along With Five Features   Fedora   2008-11-20
X.Org EvDev 2.1 Driver Released, New Features   X.Org   2008-11-19
MPX, X Input 2 Not Ready For X Server 1.6   X.Org   2008-11-16
X Server 1.6 Gets A Release Schedule   X.Org   2008-11-14
Compiz Fusion, Multi-Pointer X, & Input Redirection   X.Org   2008-11-01
X Input 1.5 Gets Device Properties   X.Org   2008-09-23
Intel Calls For X Server 1.6 This Year   X.Org   2008-09-05
XDS 2008 In Less Than Two Weeks   X.Org   2008-08-24
X Gets Predictable Pointer Acceleration   X.Org   2008-08-15
X.Org 7.4 To Lose DRI2 Support   X.Org   2008-08-04
Compiz Support For Multi-Pointer X   X.Org   2008-07-09
Multi-Pointer X Merged To X.Org Master   X.Org   2008-05-27
Planned Features For X.Org 7.4, 7.5   X.Org   2007-10-02
X.Org 7.4 To Get Multi-Pointer X Support   X.Org   2007-08-18