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Linux 5.0 Articles & Reviews

Linux 5.9 To Allow Controlling Page Lock Unfairness In Addressing Performance Regression   Software   2020-09-17
The Latest On The Linux 5.9 Kernel Regression Stemming From Page Lock Fairness   Software   2020-09-13
Why TensorFlow Lite Has Been Running Slower On Recent Linux Kernels   Software   2020-09-10
Linux 5.0 To Linux 5.9 Kernel Benchmarking Was A Bumpy Ride With New Regressions   Software   2020-09-09
Open-Source NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2000 "Turing" 3D Driver Performance   Display Drivers   2020-06-22
LG's 4K FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync Display For Just $219 USD   Computers   2019-05-01
Intel P-State vs. CPUFreq Frequency Scaling Performance On The Linux 5.0 Kernel   Software   2019-03-12
AMDGPU vs. Radeon Kernel Driver Performance On Linux 5.0 For AMD GCN 1.0/1.1 GPUs   Computers   2019-03-07
Linux 5.0 HDD I/O Scheduler Benchmarks - BFQ Takes The Cake   Computers   2019-03-05
The Current Spectre / Meltdown Mitigation Overhead Benchmarks On Linux 5.0   Software   2019-03-03
Linux 5.0 Kernel Performance Is Sliding In The Wrong Direction   Software   2019-02-22
Linux 5.0 I/O Scheduler Benchmarks On Laptop & Desktop Hardware   Software   2019-02-18
The Performance Benefits To Running AMD's Radeon VII With Linux 5.0 + Mesa 19.0   Display Drivers   2019-02-07
Radeon ROCm 2.0 OpenCL Benchmarks With Linux 5.0 On Ubuntu 18.10 vs. NVIDIA's Linux Driver   Display Drivers   2019-01-30
NVIDIA vs. Radeon Linux 5.0 + Mesa 19.0 Drivers - 14-Way Gaming GPU Comparison   Linux Gaming   2019-01-29
Linux 5.0 File-System Benchmarks: Btrfs vs. EXT4 vs. F2FS vs. XFS   Storage   2019-01-07
The Many New Features & Improvements Of The Linux 5.0 Kernel   Software   2019-01-06

Linux 5.0 Linux & Open-Source News

Linux 5.20 Likely To Be Called Linux 6.0   Linux Kernel   2022-08-01
Wayland 1.21 Released With New High Resolution Scroll Event   Wayland   2022-06-30
Wayland 1.21 Alpha Finally Introduces High-Resolution Scroll Wheel Support   Wayland   2022-05-27
FEX-Emu Is Working On Speedy x86/x86_64 Games Support On AArch64, Including Proton   Linux Gaming   2022-02-06
Intel Looking To Finally Upstream Linux Driver For Their Gaussian & Neural Accelerator   Intel   2021-02-16
Linux 5.9 Regression, NVIDIA RTX 30, GNOME 40 & Microsoft Made For A Fun September   Phoronix   2020-10-01
Intel mOS, Torvalds Commentary, Intel Gen12 Graphics, Zen 2 "XT" CPUs Topped Q3   Phoronix   2020-09-29
Kernel Bisecting Has Never Been Faster Than With AMD EPYC + AMD Threadripper   Linux Kernel   2020-09-10
In 2020 The Linux Kernel Is Still Seeing Driver Work For The Macintosh II   Hardware   2020-06-28
Happy New Year + A Look Back At The Most Popular Linux Content Of 2019   Phoronix   2019-12-31
Linux 5.0 Through Linux 5.4 Benchmarks On AMD EPYC 7642 "Rome" Server   AMD   2019-12-23
The Biggest Open-Source / Linux Radeon News Of The 2010s   Radeon   2019-12-18
POWER9 Blackbird Performance On Ubuntu 19.04 vs. Ubuntu 19.10 Benchmarks   Ubuntu   2019-11-23
Linux Mint Pulling In MPV-Based Celluloid Media Player + Dropping Last Mono Dependency   Operating Systems   2019-10-31
Linux 5.5 To Restore Power-Savings For Hybrid Laptops When Not Using The dGPU   Linux Kernel   2019-10-22
AMDGPU Performance In Linux 5.4 Is Now Faster With "Bulk Moves" Landed   Linux Kernel   2019-10-04
AMDGPU Submits LRU Bulk Moves Support As A Linux 5.4 "Fix" For Better Performance   Radeon   2019-10-03
AMDGPU Linux 5.5 Changes Being Prepped With HDCP Support, LRU Bulk Moves Re-Enabled   Radeon   2019-09-25
AMDGPU Driver Looking To Re-Enable Performance-Boosting "Bulk Moves" Functionality   Radeon   2019-09-12
PowerTop, AMD CPUFreq CPPC & Other Power Tests From The Ryzen 9 3900X On Linux   AMD   2019-09-03
FreeBSD In Q2'2019 Saw Updated Graphics Drivers, Continued Linux Compatibility Layer   BSD   2019-08-25
Reiser4 File-System Port Updated For The Linux 5.1 + Linux 5.2 Kernels   Linux Storage   2019-08-13
Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Released - Switches To Using 19.04's Linux 5.0 HWE   Ubuntu   2019-08-08
AMD Dominated The Conversation Among Linux/Open-Source Fans In July   Phoronix   2019-08-01
ZFS On Linux Has Figured Out A Way To Restore SIMD Support On Linux 5.0+   Linux Storage   2019-07-17
Radeon Graphics, Zombieload & Kernel Changes Intrigued Open-Source Fans In H1-2019   Phoronix   2019-07-09
The Ryzen 3000 Boot Problem With Newer Linux Distros Might Be Due To RdRand Issue   AMD   2019-07-08
The Latest Linux Kernel Appears To Be Causing Connectivity Issues For Steam   Valve   2019-06-21
Nouveau Driver Picking Up NVIDIA TU116 GPU Support For Linux 5.3   Nouveau   2019-06-19
AMDVLK Still Hasn't Yet Adopted FreeSync Support   Radeon   2019-06-18
Zombieload, RHEL 8.0, Linux 5.2 & GCC Happenings Dominated May   Free Software   2019-05-31
Arch Linux Drops GCC 9 From Testing Due To BCache Corruption Bug   Arch Linux   2019-05-28
Spectre/Meltdown/L1TF/MDS Mitigation Costs On An Intel Dual Core + HT Laptop   Hardware   2019-05-21
Intel UHD Graphics 630 With Gallium3D Yields Roughly Radeon HD 5750 Linux Performance   Intel   2019-05-15
Watch Out For BCache Corruption Issues On Linux 5.0 & GCC 9   Linux Storage   2019-05-14
NixOS Takes Action After 1.2GB/s ZFS Encryption Speed Drops To 200MB/s With Linux 5.0+   Linux Storage   2019-05-11
Linux 5.1.1 Released With Few Fixes   Linux Kernel   2019-05-11
Clear Linux Achieved Even More Performance Improvements During April   Clear Linux   2019-05-02
Fedora 30 Now Available With GNOME 3.32, Flicker-Free Boot, Zchunk Metadata   Fedora   2019-04-30
Fedora 30 Cleared For Release Next Tuesday   Fedora   2019-04-26
AMD's FreeSync Linux Code Continues To Be Improved Upon For Low Frame-Rate Scenarios   Radeon   2019-04-26
Fedora 30 Is Currently Blocked By A Few Remaining Bugs As It Approaches The Finish Line   Fedora   2019-04-25
RADV Vulkan Driver Lands FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync For Mesa 19.1   Radeon   2019-04-23
QEMU 4.0 Released With CPU Support Improvements, Faster Crypto, Monitor EDID   Virtualization   2019-04-23
The PinePhone Linux Smartphone Dev Kit Can Run Wayland's Weston   Hardware   2019-04-20
Ubuntu 19.04 Released As A Big Linux Desktop Improvement Thanks To GNOME 3.32   Ubuntu   2019-04-18
ZFS On Linux 0.8.0 RC4 Up For Testing WIth TRIM, Native Encryption, Direct I/O   Linux Storage   2019-04-17
Mageia 7 Beta 3 Arrives With KDE Plasma 5.15.4 + Linux 5.0   Operating Systems   2019-04-17
Mesa 19.1 Likely To See Radeon "RADV" Vulkan FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync Support   Mesa   2019-04-17
Reiser4 Brought To The Linux 5.0 Kernel   Linux Storage   2019-04-13
The Current RADV/RadeonSI Performance With Mesa 19.1 + Linux 5.1   Mesa   2019-04-13
AMD EPYC Is Running Well On Linux 5.1 Too - Performance Wins   AMD   2019-04-12
Trying Out The Radeon VII On Ubuntu 19.04 As Well As Linux 5.1 + Mesa 19.1   Radeon   2019-04-10
FreeSync Support For RADV Vulkan Driver Blocked By Lack Of Config System   Radeon   2019-04-08
ASpeed AST2500 SoC DRM Driver Coming To Linux 5.2 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2019-04-05
High Resolution Scroll Wheel Support Being Worked On For Wayland   Wayland   2019-04-03
Additional Xeon Platinum 8280 Cascade Lake Benchmarks - See How Your Linux System Runs   Intel   2019-04-02
Stadia, Web Browsers, GNOME 3.32 & Jetson Nano Dominated Linux Interest In March   Phoronix   2019-04-01
Gentoo-Based Sabayon 19.03 - Finally Supports Full Disk Encryption, Python 3 Default   Operating Systems   2019-04-01
Radeon VII & Linux 5.0 Excited Open-Source Enthusiasts In Q1   Free Software   2019-03-30
Libinput 1.13 Released With Improved Touch Arbitration, Better Triple Tap Detection   Free Software   2019-03-29
Ubuntu 19.04 Beta Now Available For Testing With Linux 5.0 + GNOME Shell 3.32 Experience   Ubuntu   2019-03-28
More AMD FreeSync Patches Likely Coming To Linux 5.2   Radeon   2019-03-23
Some Quick Graphics/Game Tests With GNOME 3.32 On Clear Linux   GNOME   2019-03-20
Interested In FreeSync With The RADV Vulkan Driver? Testing Help Is Needed   Radeon   2019-03-18
F2FS Continues Getting More Fixes As It Rolls Out To More Devices   Linux Storage   2019-03-14
Libinput 1.13 Is Coming But High-Resolution Scrolling & Dell Totem Support Delayed   Hardware   2019-03-14
BMQ "BitMap Queue" Is The Newest Linux CPU Scheduler, Inspired By Google's Zircon   Linux Kernel   2019-03-12
Linux 5.0-ck1 Kernel Rolls Out With MuQSS 0.190 Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2019-03-11
Linux 5.0.1 Lands Fixes For AMD Zen CPB, MacBook Pro Booting Issue   Linux Kernel   2019-03-10
QEMU's EDID Support Coming Together, Allowing For Eventual HiDPI Support   Virtualization   2019-03-09
xf86-video-amdgpu 19.0 Brings FreeSync VRR Bit, TearFree Fixes   Radeon   2019-03-06
Linux 5.0-ad1 Patch Lets You Build The Kernel With "-march=native"   Linux Kernel   2019-03-05
ZFS On Linux 0.7.13 Released With Fixes For Linux 5.0 Kernel Compatibility   Linux Storage   2019-03-04
GNU Linux-libre 5.0-gnu Released As A Kernel Without Any Binary Blobs/Firmware   Linux Kernel   2019-03-04
Power Management Updates Submitted For Linux 5.1, Including ACPI 6.3 Support   Linux Kernel   2019-03-04
Enabling AMD Radeon FreeSync On Linux 5.0   Radeon   2019-03-04
Linux 5.0 Kernel Released With Long-Awaited FreeSync Support, Many New/Improved Features   Linux Kernel   2019-03-03
It's Linux 5.0 Kernel Day Followed By The Start Of Linux 5.1   Linux Kernel   2019-03-03
Linux 5.0, Radeon VII, Intel Iris Driver & Other Exciting Milestones In February   Phoronix   2019-02-28
A Number Of Additional Graphics Drawing Tablets To Be Supported By Linux 5.1   Hardware   2019-02-28
Looking At Why Linux 5.0 Is Running Slower For Apache & PostgreSQL On Some Systems   Linux Kernel   2019-02-27
AMDGPU FreeSync Has A Last Minute Fix To Help Prevent Stuttering For Linux 5.0   Radeon   2019-02-27
Lima DRM Driver Strikes Version Two For Mali 400/450 Open-Source Support   Arm   2019-02-27
Arm Talks Up Linux 5.0's Energy Aware Scheduling   Arm   2019-02-25
Linux 5.0-rc8 Released - Baking The Final Kernel For One More Week   Linux Kernel   2019-02-24
Habana Labs Goya AI Processor Support Queued For Linux 5.1   Hardware   2019-02-23
NVIDIA 390.116 Legacy & 410.104 Long-Lived Linux Drivers Released   NVIDIA   2019-02-22
NVIDIA 418.43 Stable Linux Driver Released, Includes GTX 1660 Ti Support   NVIDIA   2019-02-22
GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Launch Today - Supported By The NVIDIA Linux Driver, No Nouveau Yet   NVIDIA   2019-02-22
The Most Interesting Highlights To The Linux 5.0 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2019-02-22
AMDGPU Has Late Fixes For Linux 5.0: Golden Register Update For Vega 20, Display Fixes   Radeon   2019-02-21
The Many Changes Lining Up So Far For The Linux 5.1 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2019-02-18
Linux 5.0-rc7 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2019-02-18
No Surprise But Intel Linux Developers Are Working Towards Adaptive-Sync Support   Intel   2019-02-14
Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" DRM Changes Begin Queuing Ahead Of Linux 5.1   Nouveau   2019-02-13
Radeon VII (Vega 20) Firmware Support Lands In Linux-Firmware.Git   Radeon   2019-02-12
Linux 5.0-rc6 Released - Still On Track For A Normal Release   Linux Kernel   2019-02-10
Intel Sends In Their Last Batch Of Graphics Driver Feature Updates For Linux 5.1   Linux Kernel   2019-02-08
Google Details Their New Adiantum Encryption For Low-End Android Devices   Linux Security   2019-02-07
AMDGPU Fixes For Linux 5.0 Include FreeSync/VRR Properties For eDP Displays   Radeon   2019-02-06
Linux 5.0-rc5 Released: This Kernel Release Is Calming Down Nicely   Linux Kernel   2019-02-03
A Second Round Of AMDGPU Feature Updates Ready For Linux 5.1   Radeon   2019-02-01
Linux 5.0, RTX 2060, ZoL & Other Topics Dominating Discussions For January   Phoronix   2019-02-01
Mesa 19.0-RC1 Released With FreeSync Bits, Soft FP64, Many Vulkan Improvements   Mesa   2019-01-30
NVIDIA Linux Beta Rolling Out "G-SYNC Compatible" FreeSync Monitor Support   NVIDIA   2019-01-30
Initial Allwinner H6 Video Decode Support Posted For The Cedrus VPU Driver   Multimedia   2019-01-29
The New Features On Deck For Mesa 19.0: Vulkan Additions, FreeSync, Soft FP64 & More   Mesa   2019-01-28
Linux 5.0-rc4 Kernel Released - "Everything Looks Ok"   Linux Kernel   2019-01-27
Benchmarking The Current Spectre + Meltdown Performance Overhead For 10 GbE Networking   Linux Security   2019-01-26
Libinput Working On User-Space Support For High Resolution Scroll Wheels   X.Org   2019-01-25
New WireGuard Snapshot Released With Linux 5.0 Support, Other Fixes   Linux Networking   2019-01-24
AMDGPU Kernel Driver Is Working Out Well On Linux 5.0   Radeon   2019-01-22
Linux 5.0-rc3 Kernel Released With Plenty Of Fixes Plus Nouveau RTX 2080 Ti Support   Linux Kernel   2019-01-20
Livepatching With Linux 5.1 To Support Atomic Replace & Cumulative Patches   Linux Security   2019-01-20
Nouveau Open-Source Driver Will Now Work With NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti On Linux 5.0   Nouveau   2019-01-18
ZFS On Linux Landing Workaround For Linux 5.0 Kernel Support   Linux Kernel   2019-01-17
AMDGPU Changes Begin Queuing Ahead Of Linux 5.1 Kernel Cycle   Radeon   2019-01-16
Intel Sends Out First Batch Of Display/Graphics Driver Updates For Linux 5.1 Kernel   Intel   2019-01-15
ZOL 0.8 Nears With RC3 Release - Big Update For ZFS On Linux   Linux Storage   2019-01-14
Linux 5.0-RC2 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2019-01-13
ZFS On Linux Runs Into A Snag With Linux 5.0   Linux Storage   2019-01-10
Intel Developer Working On Adding HDR Display Support To Wayland / Weston   Wayland   2019-01-10
The Expected Linux Driver State For The Radeon VII   Radeon   2019-01-10
Linux 4.20.1 Kernel Released With Various Fixes   Linux Kernel   2019-01-09
Linux Kernel Live-Patching Continues Work On Atomic Replace & Cumulative Patches   Linux Kernel   2019-01-09
DRM Graphics Drivers Already Queuing Changes For Linux 5.1   Linux Kernel   2019-01-08
Aquantia Announces Multi-Gig Ethernet Controllers, Coming Soon To ASUS Boards   Hardware   2019-01-07
Linux 5.0-rc1 Debuts With New Hardware Support, FreeSync, I3C, High-Res Scrolling   Linux Kernel   2019-01-06
From The Linux Perspective: What I Am Most Looking Forward To In 2019   Linux Kernel   2019-01-02
PlayOnLinux 5.0 Alpha 2 Now Available   WINE   2019-01-01
The Linux Kernel In 2018 Summed Up: Spectre/Meltdown, CoC, Speck Fears, New Features   Linux Kernel   2018-12-31
Linux's Slowdown, Raptor's Talos II, Clear Linux & Other Dominating Topics This Month   Phoronix   2018-11-30
Ubuntu 19.04 Development Starts Off With Python 3.7, Merged Usr Directories   Ubuntu   2018-11-13
POWER On-Chip Controller Driver Coming For Linux 4.21   Hardware   2018-11-10
Linux 4.20-rc1 Kernel Released As The Kernel Hits Its Highest Point For 2018   Linux Kernel   2018-11-04
Linux 4.19.1 Released While 4.20~5.0 Merge Window Ends Today   Linux Kernel   2018-11-04
The Linux 4.20/5.0 Kernel Is The Biggest All Year With 354+ Thousand Lines Of New Code   Linux Kernel   2018-11-04
The Many Interesting Changes & Features So Far For Linux 4.20 (Or Perhaps Linux 5.0)   Linux Kernel   2018-10-29
NFS Client Changes Bring Some Optimizations For Linux 4.20~5.0   Linux Storage   2018-10-28
AMD FreeSync 2 HDR Coming To The Linux Kernel In 2019   Radeon   2018-10-21
A Look At The Many Features On The Table For The Upcoming Linux 4.20~5.0 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2018-10-20
PCI Peer-To-Peer Memory Support Queued Ahead Of Linux 4.20~5.0   Hardware   2018-10-18
Linux's LoRa Is Ready To Deliver Long-Range, Low-Power Wireless   Hardware   2018-10-16
Linux 4.19-rc8 Released With A Lot Of "Tiny Things"   Linux Kernel   2018-10-15
The Great Work In DRM-Next: More Icelake, Vega 20, xGMI & Other Additions   Linux Kernel   2018-10-07
Learn More About The Zinc Crypto API, Which Hopes To Get Into Linux 5.0 With WireGuard   Linux Security   2018-10-02
Kyber Seeing Some Improvements In The Linux 4.20~5.0 Kernel   Linux Storage   2018-09-29
PlayOnLinux 5.0 Alpha Released With Redesigned UI, Phoenicis   Linux Gaming   2018-09-23
The Next Linux Kernel To Support Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 Sound Cards   Linux Kernel   2018-09-23