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GRUB 2.04 Linux & Open-Source News

Coreboot 4.19 Released With AMD Mayan Motherboard, MSI Alder Lake Board   Coreboot   2023-01-29
GRUB 2.06 To Be Succeeded By... GRUB 2.11 Bootloader Next Year   GNU   2021-06-10
GRUB 2.06 Released With BootHole Fixes, LUKS2 Encrypted Volume Support   GNU   2021-06-08
GRUB 2.06 Release Candidate Available For Testing   GNU   2021-03-13
GRUB 2.06 Should Be Released This Year, Cooperation Increasing With Distro Vendors   GNU   2021-02-10
Debian Enabling Support For Booting From Root F2FS File-Systems   Debian   2020-01-11
GRUB 2.04 Bootloader Released With RISC-V Support, Native UEFI Secure Boot, Btrfs RAID   GNU   2019-07-05
GRUB 2.04 Release Candidate Brings Globs Of New Features   GNU   2019-04-09
RISC-V Support Added To The GRUB Bootloader   RISC-V   2019-02-25
GRUB 2.04 Is On The Way This Year Along With Other New Bootloader Features   GNU   2019-02-07
GRUB Bootloader Picks Up A Verifier Framework For Secure Boot, TPM, PGP Verification   GNU   2018-11-09
GRUB Boot-Loader Picks Up Support For F2FS File-System   GNU   2018-04-11
GRUB Now Supports Multiple Early Initrd Images   GNU   2018-03-14
A Recap Of The Many Interesting Presentations At FOSDEM 2018   Linux Events   2018-02-13
GRUB 2.04 Should Be Released Later This Year   GNU   2018-02-04
GRUB 2.03 Begins Development   GNU   2017-05-03