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ETC2 Linux & Open-Source News

AMDVLK 2022.Q3.2 Released With Game Optimizations, Fixes CTS Failures   Radeon   2022-08-05
AMDVLK 2022.Q3.1 Released With Fixes, Minor Enhancements   Radeon   2022-07-18
Mesa 22.0 Released With Vulkan 1.3, Many Open-Source Intel & AMD Driver Improvements   Mesa   2022-03-09
Mesa 22.0-rc1 Released With Many Radeon & Intel Linux GPU Driver Features, Vulkan 1.3   Mesa   2022-02-02
Radeon RADV Lands Emulated ETC2 Support For Improving Android Support   Radeon   2021-12-14
RADV Working On ETC2 Emulation Support For Newer Radeon GPUs To Satisfy Android   Radeon   2021-12-08
Godot Game Engine Has Been Backing "Betsy" As A GPU-Based Texture Compressor   Linux Gaming   2020-11-26
Wine 4.17 Adds DXTn Compressed Textures, Windows Script Runtime Library   WINE   2019-09-27
Mesa 18.3.5 Released With Intel/Radeon Vulkan Driver Fixes   Mesa   2019-03-18
Mesa 19.0-RC6 Released With Many Intel & Radeon Fixes   Mesa   2019-02-26
Improved ETC2 Texture Compression Lands For Older Haswell/Ivybridge GPUs On Linux   Intel   2019-02-16
Intel Mesa Driver Getting Better Support For ETC2 On Older Hardware   Intel   2019-02-04
Qt 3D Studio 2.1 Released With Editor Enhancements, Better Runtime Performance   Qt   2018-10-01
All Gallium3D Drivers Getting ASTC Compression Support, RadeonSI Hits OpenGL ES 3.2   Mesa   2018-07-29
RADV Vulkan Driver Introduces Support For ETC2 Compression   Radeon   2018-07-27
Qt 5.11 Adding Khronos KTX Texture Support To Qt Quick   Qt   2018-05-07
RADV Vulkan Driver Picks Up Support For ETC2 Textures   Radeon   2018-01-03
Unity Continues Crunching More Out Of Crunch Texture Compression   Standards   2017-12-16
The Feature Differences Now Between AMD's Two OpenGL & Two Vulkan Linux Drivers   Radeon   2017-12-12
Many Vega Improvements & Other Fixes Land In Mesa For RADV Vulkan Driver   Mesa   2017-10-20
The S3TC Patent Finally Expires Next Week - S3 Texture Compression   Standards   2017-09-29
RADV Gets More Last Minute Fixes For Mesa 17.2   Radeon   2017-07-24
Etnaviv Gallium3D Driver Now Has Mainline Support For ETC2 Compression   Mesa   2017-07-21
RADV Vulkan Driver Now Exposes INT64 Support   Radeon   2017-07-03
Intel Broxton Gets ASTC HDR Support In Mesa   Intel   2017-05-22
Etnaviv Working On ETC2 Texture Compression, Eyeing OpenGL ES 3.0   Mesa   2017-05-17
sparseBinding Lands For Radeon RADV Vulkan Driver   Mesa   2017-03-29
Geometry Shader Support Lands In RADV Vulkan Driver   Radeon   2017-01-30
RADV Vulkan Driver Has Geometry Shader Support For Testing   Vulkan   2017-01-19
RADV Radeon Vulkan Code Enables More Driver Features   Vulkan   2016-12-22
Google Open-Sources ETC2Comp: Super Fast ETC2 Texture Compression   Google   2016-09-15
AMD Polaris Doesn't Support ETC2 Texture Compression   AMD   2016-04-13
Nouveau NVC0 Adds ETC2/ASTC Texture Compression For Newer GPUs   Mesa   2016-04-04
AMD Stoney APUs Bring ETC2 Open-Source Driver Support   AMD   2016-01-22
NVIDIA Open-Source Christmas Present: Some Documentation   NVIDIA   2015-12-22
Nouveau Support For ETC2/ASTC Texture Compression   Nouveau   2015-12-19
Intel Skylake Adds ASTC Texture Compression, Open-Source Support Coming   Mesa   2015-05-20
ETC2 Decoding Support In Mesa's Gallium3D For Freedreno   Mesa   2015-02-19
EFL 1.11 Is A Big Milestone For Enlightenment Users   Desktop   2014-08-21
Enlightenment's Evas OpenGL Now Supports S3TC Textures   Desktop   2014-07-04
Enlightenment EFL Adds "Elua", A Lua JIT App Runtime   Desktop   2014-06-11
Enlightenment's Evas Adds OpenGL ETC2 Support   Desktop   2014-04-25
Intel Brings ETC Texture Compression To The Desktop   Intel   2014-01-14
S3TC Is Still Problematic For Mesa Developers, Users   Mesa   2013-08-14
Intel Ivy Bridge On Linux Properly Supports OpenGL ES 3.0   Intel   2013-02-13
Intel Driver To Play A Bit Better With S3TC Compression   Intel   2013-01-21
OpenGL ES 3.0 Support In Mesa Is Getting Close   Mesa   2012-12-23
Intel Merges ETC2 Texture Compression In Mesa   Intel   2012-12-07
OpenGL ES 3.0 Support Soon Going Into Mesa   Mesa   2012-11-17
Intel Continues Work On ETC2 Texture Compression   Mesa   2012-11-10
ETC2 Texture Compression For Intel Is Happening   Intel   2012-10-20
Unigine Engine Does Real-Time Global Illumination   Linux Gaming   2012-10-20
Unigine Gets Overhauled, Takes On Latest GL Features   Linux Gaming   2012-09-07
ETC2 Texture Compression Looks Good For OpenGL   Mesa   2012-08-12
Intel Announces OpenGL ES 3.0 Plans For Mesa   Intel   2012-08-09
OpenGL 4.3, OpenGL ES 3.0 Specifications Unveiled   Standards   2012-08-06
Mesa Support For ETC1 Texture Compression   Mesa   2012-07-16