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FSTRIM Linux News

Fedora Btrfs Activity Continues - New Options To...   Fedora   10 Aug 2020
Kernel Talk, AMD Hardware + Other Popular Linux Topics...   Phoronix   01 Feb 2020
Fedora 32 Greenlit For Enabling FSTRIM Support By...   Fedora   13 Jan 2020
Fedora 32 Aiming To Enable Link-Time Optimizations By...   Fedora   20 Dec 2019
Fedora Looking At Finally Enabling FSTRIM By Default...   Fedora   20 Dec 2019
Arch Linux Drops GCC 9 From Testing Due To BCache...   GNU   28 May 2019
Linux 5.1.5 Kernel Fixes The Latest Data Corruption...   Linux Storage   26 May 2019
Linux 5.1 Hit By A Data Loss Bug Due To Overly...   Linux Storage   25 May 2019
F2FS File-System Gets Discard Improvements, Nobarrier...   Linux Storage   11 Jun 2018
Haiku OS Is Gearing Up For Its Long-Awaited Beta...   Operating Systems   25 Sep 2017
F2FS In Linux 4.14 Gets Better Tuning For Android   Linux Storage   13 Sep 2017
F2FS Feature Work For The Linux 4.11 Kernel   Linux Storage   01 Mar 2017
Linux 4.2-rc2 Kernel Released, Just Another Update   Linux Kernel   12 Jul 2015
OS/2 HPFS File-System Now Has TRIM Support On Linux   Linux Kernel   09 Jul 2015
Ubuntu Aims To TRIM SSDs By Default   Hardware   19 Nov 2013