A Look At The Open-Source Talos II POWER9 Performance Against x86_64 Server CPUs
Written by Michael Larabel in Computers on 27 November 2018. Page 2 of 8. 33 Comments

With the basic MPC multi-precision library benchmark, the Talos II POWER9 performance was roughly in line with the EPYC processors which in turn were losing out to the Xeon Scalable CPUs tested.

With the Parboil and Rodinia scientific tests, the dual 22-core POWER9 system was just behind the EPYC 7551 for performance.

The lzbench compression benchmarks show the POWER9 system being able to roughly compete with the x86 CPUs with this code-base.

Some compression algorithms weren't performing too well though on POWER9.

And for Golang, additional POWER optimizations could be beneficial.

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