AMD Announces The Radeon PRO W7800/W7900 Series

Written by Michael Larabel in Graphics Cards on 13 April 2023 at 09:00 AM EDT.

As the "world's first pro chiplet GPU", AMD today is announcing the Radeon PRO W7000 series as their first RDNA3-based professional offerings.

AMD Radeon PRO W7000 Series

With the new PRO W7000 series AMD is claiming up to 2.7x performance and up to 50% more ray-tracing performance per compute unit.

AMD Radeon PRO W7000 Media Engine

The new offerings employ support for up to 8K60 AV1 video encode and decode capabilities as well as new AI enhanced video encode capabilities.

AMD Radeon PRO W7000 DisplayPort 2.1

And DisplayPort 2.1 support with these new PRO graphics cards for being able to offer 8K120 when leveraging Display Stream Compression (DSC) or uK60 uncompressed. Again with DSC, the Radeon PRO W7000 series can deliver up to 12K resolutions at 60Hz.

AMD Radeon PRO W7900

The flagship model being announced today is the AMD Radeon PRO W7900 series with 48GB of GDDR6 ECC video memory, 96 RDNA3 compute units, and is rated for 61 TFLOPS for FP32 peak single precision. The total board power is 295 Watts.

AMD Radeon PRO W7800

Also being announced today is the AMD Radeon PRO W7800 with 32GB of GDDR6 ECC video memory, 70 RDNA3 compute units, 45 TFLOPS for peak single precision, and a 260 Watt total board power.

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