macOS 10.12 Sierra vs. Ubuntu 16.04 Linux Benchmarks

Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 28 September 2016 at 12:08 PM EDT. Page 2 of 7. 75 Comments.

With SQLite, the embedded database system that's widely-used on both Mac and Linux, the performance was close to the same for the MacBook Air with its SSD storage.

While SQLite showed good performance on macOS 10.12 with its HFS+ file-system relative to Ubuntu 16.04 with EXT4 on the same hardware, with the Compile Bench tests the performance was much faster when using Ubuntu. There wasn't a difference in the results between GCC and Clang.

With the MAFFT scientific test, Ubuntu was multiple times faster than macOS. This doesn't appear to be a matter of GCC vs. Clang with the Ubuntu 16.04 Clang results being about the same speed as GCC, actually a tiny bit faster.

With Fhourstones and TSCP, the performance was close to the same between these competing Unix-like operating systems.

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