Intel Announces 13th Gen Core Mobile CPUs, 35 & 65 Watt Raptor Lake Desktop CPUs

Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 3 January 2023 at 09:00 AM EST. Page 3 of 4. 23 Comments.

The other interesting area from today's Intel CES 2023 announcement is the 65 Watt and 35 Watt desktop CPUs joining the Raptor Lake line-up.

The new models here top out with the Core i9 13900 that is rated as a 65 Watt base power consumption, but has a max turbo power rating of 219 Watts. The Core i9 13900 is a 24 core CPU via 8 P cores and 16 E cores, so 32 threads in total, and has up to a 5.6GHz maximum turbo frequency. The Core i9 13900 has a recommended customer price of $549 USD.

At the bottom of the stack is the Core i3 13100 with 8 P cores and a 60 Watt base power rating and 89 Watt maximum turbo power rating. The Core i3 13100 is expected to retail for around $134 USD or about $109 for the Core i3 13100F model without the integrated UHD Graphics 730.

The Core i3 13100T through Core i9 13900T are the 35 Watt parts. The Core i9 13900T is still a 24-core / 32-thread design while its P core max turbo frequency is up to 5.3GHz or up to a 3.9GHz turbo on the E cores. While there is the 35 Watt base power rating, the maximum turbo power rating is 106 Watts. The Core i9 13900T is expected to have a customer price of $549.

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