ASUS P5LD2 Deluxe WiFi+TV

Written by Michael Larabel in Motherboards on 4 September 2005 at 01:00 PM EDT. Page 6 of 11. Add A Comment.


Although some enthusiasts/hobbyists have voiced their opinions about poor ASUS overclocking abilities with their recent offerings such as the A8N-SLI, we didn't find this to be exactly the case with the P5LD2 Deluxe. In fact, it was the ASUS P5WD2 Premium which recently set the Pentium 4 670 overclocking record at 7.132GHz! For our overclocking, we used a Pentium 4 530 (3.0GHz), Kingmax DDR2-667, and air-cooling with the full system specifications being mentioned in the performance section of this article. Using stock voltages, we managed to clock the system to 4005MHz (267 x 15) on stock voltages right from the beginning! Although we were able to boot fine at these high speeds, when attempting to load Ubuntu Linux, we experienced instability problems but providing some additional voltages allowed to the CPU to run completely stable until we experienced thermal related issues with our air-cooling. Keeping to the stock voltages, we clocked the FSB back to 253MHz which resulted in the 3.0GHz CPU running at 3.795GHz with the DDR2-667 running at DDR2-675MHz speeds also with stock voltages and timings. If you're using any water or thermo-electric cooling, or even a nice after-market air cooler, the overclocking capabilities with the P5LD2 Deluxe i945 can definitely be tapped into resulting in an extremely high overclock. It was also this motherboard where we recently ran DDR2-667 RAM with SPD timings of, and Elpida chips rated at, 5-5-5-15 all the way down to 3-3-3-8, with 2.3V memory! More information is available here.

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