Hiper Type-R Modular 580W

Written by David Lin in Power Supplies on 3 September 2005. Page 1 of 3. Add A Comment

Hiper; probably a name that most of you haven’t heard of before. The Hiper Group, short for High Performance Group, is a UK based company that manufactures power supplies, fans, CCFL’s, keyboards, and also a very peculiar mATX media center case. We recently had Hiper's Claiver keyboard in our labs but today we have one of their latest power supply units. The Type-R seems to take on the same meaning as in cars. According to their site, “Type-R series - well known to any racing enthusiasts, Type R represents "Racing", by using original manufacturer's platform, and then enhanced to its maximum output.” As both the brand and the name imply high performance, let’s see if the Type-R Modular 580W lives up to its name.


· Unique user-friendly modular design to reduce excess cables.
· Patented design device extension cables
· Supports ATX up to v2.2 & Intel BTX configuration
· Complies with all Intel & AMD CPU specification requirements
· Gold Plated connector, preventing rust & bad connection
· High efficiency APFC (Active Power Factor Correction)
· Connects up to four SATA HDD + eight other component devices
· Dedicated PCI-E connector
· EZ-Grip Molex connector
· Only 18db with two fans
· 580-Watt continuous output. (Peak Load 630 watts)
· Newest ATX 2.2 with 2 x 12V connection
· Aviation Type heavy duty Enamel Modular Connector (Patent Pending)
· exTension Device Connection Cable(Patented Design)
· UL/CE/TUV Grade Cables
· Gold Plated Connector Pins
· Braided Power Cables
· EZ On/Off Connectors
· Serial ATA Connector


One of the most striking things about this power supply was the box. We never previously seen a PSU packaged like the Hiper Type-R, with its packaging being much like a plastic toolbox. Inside the box are two layers, with the top layer holding most of the cables and connectors needed for the power supply. Underneath the top tray is the beautiful power supply itself, a power cord, and a few other extension and splitter cables. In total there are four 4-pin molex cables, one PCI-E connector, one 4-pin P4 connector, and the main 20+4 sliding ATX connector. That may seem like way too few connectors, but Hiper has also included a wealth of splitter cables. There is a 4-pin molex to PCI-E adapter, four molex extenders, one floppy adapter, and three SATA power adapters. The user is able to select exactly the number of connectors needed. This helps to make wire/cable management much easier because there are no stray cables floating around in the case.

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