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non-desktop Linux & Open-Source News

Linux Patch Posted For The Bigscreen Beyond VR Headset   Hardware   2024-05-19
Asahi Linux To Users: Please Stop Using X.Org   Wayland   2023-05-13
FreeType 2.12 Released With Support For OT-SVG Fonts   Desktop   2022-04-01
Graphics Driver Changes Begin Lining Up For Linux 5.18   Linux Kernel   2022-01-27
XWayland Lands DRM Leasing Support To Handle VR Headsets   X.Org   2021-12-07
Stratis 2.1 Proposed For Fedora 33 To Bring Per-Pool Encryption   Fedora   2020-07-20
Fedora Is Beginning To Spin Workstation & Live Images For POWER   Fedora   2019-09-15
Linux DRM Adds Quirk For Dealing With Valve's Index VR Headset   Valve   2019-05-07
Wayland's Weston Will Now Respect Your VR HMD   Wayland   2018-09-24
RandR Lease Support Appears Ready For AMDGPU X.Org Driver   Radeon   2018-07-07
Vulkan Display Extensions To Be Used By SteamVR Merged Into Mesa RADV/ANV   Mesa   2018-06-19
DRM Leasing / Display Patches Updated For Mesa's Vulkan Drivers   Mesa   2018-06-12
The Shiny New Features Of X.Org Server 1.20   X.Org   2018-05-03
XCB & Other X.Org Package Updates Ahead Of X Server 1.20   X.Org   2018-03-05
RandR Leases Support For AMDGPU DDX Driver   X.Org   2018-03-03
A Look At The Many Features To X.Org Server 1.20   X.Org   2018-02-28
RandR CRTC/Output Leases Lands In X.Org Server   X.Org   2018-02-27
Xorgproto 2018.3 Brings RandR Leasing + Non-Desktop Monitors   X.Org   2018-02-21
X.Org Server Patches Updated For Non-Desktop & Lease Handling   X.Org   2018-02-12
The State Of VR HMDs On Linux With DRM Leasing, Etc   Hardware   2018-01-26
Keith Packard Sends Out Latest Patches For RandR 1.6, Linux VR Improvements   X.Org   2017-12-22
X.Org Server Patches Updated For Non-Desktop & Leases To Better VR HMD Support   X.Org   2017-12-08
2017 Has Been The First Year In A Decade Without A Major X.Org Server Update   X.Org   2017-12-05
Linux 4.15 Will Treat The HTC Vive VR Headset As "Non-Desktop"   Hardware   2017-11-23
"NonDesktop" Proposed For RandR: Useful For VR & Apple Touch Bar Like Devices   X.Org   2017-10-19
VIA Rolls Out Fanless, Ruggedized PC Powered By Quad-Core x86 Eden CPU   Hardware   2015-08-13
Enlightenment E18 Might Be Released This Year   Free Software   2013-02-09